Who’s permission do you need to change your life? 

I took this picture last night as we were going into eat dinner. I thought the sky had the most beautiful colors, with pinks and purples. 
There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t even have noticed the sky, let alone stopped for a moment to revel in its beauty.  
This is what consciousness and presence has brought to my world. The ability to take time to see the beauty that’s all around me. 
We as humans tend to be lost in our own thoughts most of the time. Our minds are always thinking, thinking, thinking.  
But you do have the ability to create space between your thoughts. You also can decide what kind of thoughts that you want to think. 
Disempowering thoughts have a way of keeping you stuck in a negative cycle. Why do you think this way?
Simply because you never knew there was another way to think. You didn’t realize how much power your thoughts have, and now that you’ve learned it, things can be different. 
You must decide what enters your beautiful mind, and where all of your energy comes from. I believe we all have the power inside of us to do amazing things, but some of us will

Never have the courage to follow through.
There’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing people think that they can’t do something. I’m in the business of listening and I’ve realized over the years, that we are our own worst critic.  
When you learn to take time to pick thoughts that honor your heart and your soul, your life will begin to change for the better. 
You can be anything that you want to be!

You can do anything that you want to do!

But your going to have to make some changes, and they all begin with you!
Find people who force you to level up and quit hanging out with people who don’t want you to succeed.
You don’t need anyone’s permission to start your journey on self love💜

You got this and I’ve got your back 💜

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