I care about………

This is so perfect for so many reasons! I’ve been married for almost 16 years💜

Yes to the same man✌️and yes our only marriage🙏 

But we have most certainly changed a lot over the last 20 years. And, when I think about the beginning of our marriage, and then I think about the present moment, I know that we are exactly where we should be. 
I think sometimes people are afraid to talk about their marriages. I also think some of it has to do with the generation that you were raised in.  
Were you taught to keep your life private? 
Were you told to pretend everything is ok? 
Does fear keep you isolated? 
Did anyone teach you how to deal with your feelings or your emotions?
You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t teach what you haven’t learned. That’s why I’ve decided to become a student of life, so I can share the secrets I learn along the way with you. 
There are so many people married to people they don’t love. And on the flip side of that there are many people who are in love who aren’t married to the ones they love. 
Why do you think that is? 

I think part of it is that we’re creatures of habit, and the other part is that we’re human and we’re flawed.
I believe with all my heart that our marriages are here to transform us. We must grow into better people during the years that we spend together. If we don’t then what’s the point of a union? 
We pick our spouse based on something we were missing in our own lives. And even if we don’t want to admit it, it’s 💯% true. Our subconscious seeks out what we need in others. 
I was a wild child, and my husband was a good boy. 

He was shy, I was outspoken. 

He was safe, I was off the hook. 

He followed the rules, I broke the rules.

He came from a rich family, I came from a poor family.
Everything that I wasn’t, he was! 


Everything that he wasn’t, I was!
Now here we are, all these years later and the real learning begins. I don’t care where we came from, but I do care where we’re going. 
I care that we continue to heal our broken pieces together💜

I care that we’re vulnerable 💜

I care that we bring God into our home 💜

I care that our marriage is only 2nd to God💜

I care that we teach our kids about respect and love💜

I care about boundaries and keeping our marriages safe💜

I care that we bring out the best in each other💜

I care about honesty💜

I care about eating humble pie 💜

I care about feeling protected 💜

I care about feeling loved💜 for no reason at all 💜other than being me💜

I care that there is a connection between us💜

I care that the spark stays lit💜
Allow God to transform you through your partner 💜they are truly hand picked for you by God

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