Feed your soul 

Take time to feed your soul✌️Here’s my husband and daughter and I yesterday out hiking the trails at Glen Helen. 

While I’ve been there one other time I wouldn’t say that I’m a hiker, or a runner, but I do like to exercise. It’s just that my exercise consists of something more like jazzercise and yoga. 

Jazzercise because I love music! It makes my soul happy and it’s pretty much like dancing, so it doesn’t even feel like I’m exercising. Can you say heaven, because that’s what it feels like when I’m there. I 

And then, I also love me some yoga! 

It’s for my mind, body and my soul! 

It’s all around a good thing, and it keeps our egos in check. 
I am pretty much an unfocused spazz! Like there’s a cat, and how much do you want for that dress? and what did you have for dinner last night? and my all time favorite I dont mean to interrupt you, but if I don’t tell you this now then I might forget.  
(My friends are laughing and agreeing with this as they read it)
So I didn’t really think I could do yoga, but as it turns out , yoga was exactly what I needed. Yoga helps quiet my mind and it helps me to get in touch with my heart! 💜 Years ago my best friend got yoga certified in some rain forest in Costa Rica, and at that time I didn’t understand it. 

I thought she was crazy, when now I wish I were learning yoga in the middle of no where. What I couldn’t understand all those years ago, I can fully understand now.
Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and we need to learn how to get by ourselves. But the good news is that anyone is capable of changing their mindset, if they are willing to examine their own thoughts.

We work to pay our bills and to live.
We feed our souls to enjoy our lives. 
There’s a balance that you need to achieve in your lives, a rhythm that supports your hearts and your minds. 

Too much of one thing is never good! 
You can work, but you can’t be a workaholic 

You can drink, but you can’t be an alcoholic

You can exercise, but you can’t be a gymaholic

You can parent but you can’t be a parentaholic (yes helicopters I’m talking to you)
I know those aren’t real words but they are in my world! I use those examples so that you understand what I mean by balance💁
We must learn how to feed our hearts, feed our minds, feed our bank accounts, feed our marriages, feed our jobs, feed our kids and still create time for living. We have to learn how to be more intentional with our time, because tomorrow is never promised.
Taking time out of our busy lives yesterday, was just what our family needed to reset. Don’t by get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. 
When we take time to create balance in our lives, then time seems to stand still. It is well with our souls! 
When we learn to create space for things that really matter, our lives begin to be used for a higher purpose. 
We only ever have this present moment and by the time your done reading this, then it will already be in the past, and you might even be scratching your head trying to figure that one out. 
But don’t waste to much time on it, because you only have The Power of Now! 

This very moment 



Spend time on what you want to spend time on✌️



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