Does your heart shape your life?

What would happen if you let your heart make the choices instead of your head?

 I mean I’m not saying always and forever! I am however, merely suggesting that some decisions should come from the heart, while others come from the head. 

You should use your heart when your trying to figure out what your going to watch on TV tonight. 

Will you choose something that makes you feel happy? 


Will you choose something that makes you mad and angry? 

These might not seem like serious choices to you, but they are to your subconsious! It matters what your feeding it. If there’s constant negativity added to an already negative environment, then your just going to produce more negative. 

Your subconscious isn’t like math where you add together 2 negatives and get a positive? (Disclaimer it’s been a really long time since I took a math class, but I think that’s right) 

Your subconscious has an underlying theme running through it daily. Your not in control of the station per day, but you do have the ability to fine tune it to your liking.

So, if your a negative person in general, your going to need to work extra hard on feeding your mind some good things. 

Your going to have to find things that feed it positivity. Your going to have to become accountable for what you allow to enter your sacred space. 

Anyone has the ability to change, but it requires taking action, and becoming responsible for yourself. No more blame game, no more victims of our own lives. 

Now we’re adults and we get to start acting like an adult, instead of a hurt child. We get to break the dysfunction that’s passed down to us and we get to learn about consciousness and share it with the world.

Your life is whatever you want it to be, or whatever you DON’T want it to be. I CAN’T is a horrible mantra to have running through your head. If you seriously don’t believe you can, then no one will ever be able to tell you differently.

But if you have one little inkling of hope in your heart for a different life, then you my friends are already on your way!

If you want to heal your heart and your mind, start with what your feeding them๐Ÿ’œ

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