What’s your inner purpose?

I know you’ve heard the saying that “it’s the idea in our head that gets us into trouble”, but have you ever examined that a little bit closer?  

Do you have the ability to question yourself about your own thoughts? 

If not, then you will learn something about yourself here. 

If you do already examine your thoughts, then you my friends are  on your way to an awakening. 

Awakening Is a noun

  1. The act of awaking from sleep.
  2. A revival of interest or attention.
  3. A recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something.
  4. A renewal of interest in religion, especially in a community; a revival

The more conscious I become, the more people I meet that are conscious also. Being conscious is another form of awakening.  It’s something that occurs inside of us, when we realize that we are not our thoughts.  It’s a shift in thinking, and mindset. It’s a never ending journey, that actually becomes easier the more you practice it.

  It’s a gift to be able to look inside yourself and see where you need some work.

Once you awaken it’s also your duty to share your stories with others, so that they can grown and learn about themselves.  Jesus taught Us that you need to lose yourself to find yourself. What I think he means by this, is that we need to lose our egotistical sides, in order to open up our hearts. Our minds are human, and they have a job to do up there. But our spirits, our souls, our hearts, they need lots of love so they can flourish.

We all have these voices in our heads! Every single one of us! They are constantly talking, and we are most generally not in control of what they are saying. I’m driving to work and I have the radio on, and the windows down and the sun is shining on my face. I notice all of this for a split second, and then my mind begins to wander. 

I think about 10 different thoughts, one right after another. And, then before I know it I’m at work. So where did I just go? How did I go from enjoying the sunshine, to being at work. My subconscious was running, and I was on autopilot. Becoming aware of your thoughts will help you awaken. 

Becoming the watcher of your own thoughts, will help you understand them better. Anytime that you can stop the thoughts, you’ve just created a bit of consciousness in your life. You can’t beat yourself up for what your thinking, that would take you back to the unconscious side. You have to merely observe yourself with no judgment. You could say “ha ha there goes my mind again, it’s a busy place up there. 

The more space you create between your thoughts, the closer you will get to your authentic self. The more times that you catch yourself thinking, the more aware you will become of your thoughts.  

Below I’ve added a page from one of favorite books called A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle 

My inner purpose is to help others
What’s your inner purpose?

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