It all begins and ends with you

Everything begins and ends with you!Wherever you are in your life right now, is exactly where you should be. 
But now you get to decide if this is enough for you? 


Do you want more?

I remember seeing people post about changing their lives, and I’m over here thinking I could ever do that. I spent so much time watching others work, that I was completely mesmerized by their actions. 
How did these people become so positive?

Where did they learn how to be brave?

How do they radiate goodness?

What do they have that I don’t?
Those questions that I asked myself led me to you! Those little thoughts floating around me in my head were the beginning of something new.
And so began my journey of looking inward. You see, I was inspired by others, but I realized that the real change was going to have to occur inside myself. I am responsible for me, my thoughts, my actions and my life.
And so I began the lesson on learning how to love myself. The first thing I did was stop comparing myself to anyone, or anything! Self

Comparison is a form of self mutilation, and I’m not really into that. I never realized how much I internalized things. 
How I took certain things and made them all about me, when in reality they had nothing to do with me. (This is a lesson in consciousness)
The second thing I did was create time for personal development! It sounds so much better than self help, ha ha! Everyone needs to learn daily! If you’re not growing than your dying and who wants to be dead? 
We all need a coach, mentor, friend, or leader. No one ever became amazing on their own! This is why every sports team has a coach, and every church has a pastor. We must have people in our lives that we learn from. They are a huge part of learning to think a different way. 
We don’t seek advice from the same people all of the time. You wouldn’t ask a hair stylist how to fix the brakes on your car, and you wouldn’t ask a factory worker to cut your hair.

This is why you must always remember that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
Now that your an adult choose wisely! Don’t listen to your broken child, because you’ll be stuck forever if you do. You are capable of amazing things, your mind just needs a little adjusting. 
The last thing I did was start a new adventure. I just threw myself out there and started a new business! I do hair, not sales so this was way out of my comfort zone. I remember feeling like an imposter at my first meeting, like I didn’t belong there.
But that my friends is when the real magic began to occur. That’s when we grow the most, when we feel uncomfortable. We don’t grow when we set up camp in our comfort zone! No sir-ree that’s where your comfortable and that means safe! 
Safe doesn’t make you grow, it makes you stuck! Do you really want to waste the one and only life you have by being stuck?
Are you ready to begin life right now, by getting out of the zone?

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