How to rewire your subconscious 

I have learned about feeding my brain positivity, and in doing so it’s helped me to rewire parts of my subconscious! 
I know you might not think it’s possible, but that’s just your brain lying to you. It doesn’t know if what your feeding it is a lie or the truth. Our brains are very complicated, that much is true! However, the more I learn about it the more I discover my ability to change things going on up there!
These are lessons in consciousness and kindness. I’ve had such amazing results with feeding my brain positivity that I decided I was going to feed it to my family as well! 
Everyday I find a new quote to write up there, and sometimes my family chooses to write one as well. You wouldn’t think a little thing like this could make a difference in your world, but it truly does. 
If you sit around watching news, or sports all day you are feeding your brain conflict, drama, and negativity. My brain already has enough drama in it without me feeding it some more💜
It’s a sacred temple that I’ve learned how to nourish with goodness, instead of fill it with nothingness. I challenge you to feed your mind something positive for 30 days in a row and see how you feel after that month!
Make a difference in your own home, and that will change the entire world!

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