What can you do when the worlds in a shitty place?!

The world is in a shitty place and what can you do about it?
You can feed the negativity and watch the news all day, just to fuel the anger inside you. Then you can get on Social media and get into a fight with everyone on there. You can then continue to carry around those negative feelings all week with you. 
You’re really destroying your inner peace, and your ability to be present. Your choosing to make these situations your own, and in doing so it’s just creating more chaos in the world.
Why do people take things on as their own personal traumas? 
Why are we so conflicted when we are afraid?
Why do we feel that we’re right and someone else is wrong? 
I can answer all of these questions very easily, by saying that we the human race are disconnected from our beings, from our souls. 
Yes you are human, but you are also a being! 

You have 2 parts of you my friends💜

We must collectively take time to find our inner stillness. This is why God said that Sunday’s were for rest.
Your mind is not made to be constantly busy, it needs some down time to re-boot itself. We are trapped in our minds and we need to find a way back into our hearts, our souls, our beings. 
You can decide to feed your brain some positive things, instead of taking part in all of the negativity around us.
Someone has to share the light⭐️🌞

And I’m going to be that person! 

Don’t read and watch things that make you angry and mad💜

Instead choose to feed your mind something healthy and that will be the best gift that you can give this world! 

Peace and Namaste 🙏

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