Stars can’t shine without darkness 

The flow of life shows us time and time again that you can’t have good without bad.Light without Dark

Happy without Sad

Ups without Downs

Growth without Set Backs

Up without Down

Love without Hate

Good without Evil

Birth without Death
One of these things cannot exist without the other, for this is the yin and yang of life. The ebb and flow that has been created so we can experience all that life has to teach us.
Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you’ve tried absolutely everything to make it yours? You’ve invested countless hours in learning how to make it better. You’ve read numerous books, and tried a million different approaches. You’ve begged and pleaded with God and yourself. 
Your determined to get it right, but it’s still not happening. Maybe you think you’ve tried everything, and maybe you have. But have ever thought about letting go? Have you ever even considered that as an option? Maybe your wasting energy on something’s that’s not within your reach. Maybe you’ve expended your entire focus on the wrong thing. 
Maybe surrender is what you need. Maybe acceptance is the lesson you need to learn. Accept that it’s not always your fault. Accept that something’s aren’t meant to be yours, and other things are. Learn how to let go in order to hold on. 
My life is in a complete chaos right now. You don’t need the details to understand chaos. It’s a feeling that gets carried around with me all day. 
My life is never perfect! Sometimes it’s amazing and wonderful and happy. And other times it’s heartbreaking and depleting, and sad. I am no different then you Friends and I won’t ever pretend to be.  
Yes I inspire others!

Yes I love to share my light with the world!

Yes I’m a positive person!


I’m also a human who has real emotions, and baggage. I want to live a life that’s authentic, and real. I want to be able to hear my voice again, and understand my needs. 
Sometimes in life we get lost in these roles we play! I am a wife, but am I only a wife?

I’m a mother, but am I only a mother?

I’m a hairstylist, but do I only do hair?
To often we become our roles, and that’s when we lose our spirit. You are more than your titles! You are more then your feelings! You are more then you will ever know!
When life is good embrace it and be thankful!
When life is bad embrace it! Don’t fight it accept it! 
Your worth never changes based on your current situation❤️

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