Something’s take Courage

“We are not human beings we are human becomings” John Addison
I love this quote and it couldn’t be more true. It seems almost every day I’m becoming more and more, yet on another day I feel less and less.
That’s because I’m in the midst of an awakening. There’s a conscious energy that’s shifting in my body. The old ways and the patterns of the past are trying to stay alive. My mind plays tricks on me, and then I’m sane again. 
Or is it that all minds all the same we just deal with our thoughts in different ways? 

Over the last 2 years I’ve been reading about our brains, and our consciousness, and our unconscious minds as well. It turns out we’re all made the same, and our minds are all the same. 
That’s not to say that we all don’t have different experiences that have caused great trauma, or great pleasure to our brains over the years. But what I do mean is that our subconscious is always running, thinking away. Running like a computer that’s constantly spitting random thoughts at you. 
We don’t have control over these thoughts, they just come out of nowhere. Your driving to work lost in space and suddenly your at work. How did you get there? Where the heck were you for the last 5 minutes? Were you in control of your thinking, or was your thinking controlling you?
You were zoned out, you were on autopilot. You were lost in your thoughts but yet you still

Made it where you needed to go. These are the commonalities of our minds. These are the things that makes us alike.
Here’s another example. Do you have a negative reaction associated with a certain word or symbol. When I was a kid my step dad sat me down at the table and started to lecture me about goals. I was 13 years old and Im not sure if I had even heard the word goals, used in this manner. Yet here he was talking to me about them. 
Goals Smoles who cares is what I was thinking. How soon can I get out of here? When will he stop talking?
The experience itself left a bad taste in my mouth. And, It wasn’t necessarily the mention of the goals, that got under my skin but the way it was delivered. I didn’t like the feeling that came with the lecture, I wanted out.
So like every other human being on the planet I immediately associated the emotion that came from the lecture and attached it to the word goals. I took the word goals and made it my enemy. I made it out to be the bad guy, that I disagreed with. I was good but the goals were bad. I was right and goals were wrong. 
But that’s not really the case, even thought I thought it was at the time. 
This my friends was actually a different part of my mind that I only recently learned about. It was coming from my ego! Oh the dreaded ego. It’s not our friend and recognizing that we all have one helps us to understand it better. 
You can never be rid of the ego, it’s always going to be there and trying to ignore it will

Only give it more power. “Making ourselves right and other people wrong are one of the principal egoic mind patterns, one of the main forms of unconsciousness. In other words the content of the ego may change; the mind structure that keeps it alive does not.”
After years of letting my ego make to many decisions in my life, I was happy to find out that I was not alone. That everyone has this same experienceđź’ś 
I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s a new earth and I believe God gave it to me exactly when I needed it the most. Just like many other books laying around my house, I just finally

Got to this one. And I see why now is the time for me to read it. 
Eckhart goes on in the book to say this “the ego tends to equate having with being: I have therefore I am. And the more I have the more I am. The ego lives through comparison.”
Don’t allow words to take up so much space in your mind that really have nothing to do with you. I wrote this so you could learn to become the watcher of your own thoughts. So that you could see that your mind is doing its thing, and you can learn how to do yours. 
I write to you and share my heart with you in hopes that you might also find an awakening occur inside your heartđź’ś
Peace and Namaste

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