You were born to be real 💜not perfect 

You were born to be real not to be perfect 💕
What’s the most important thing in your life? 

Mine is relationships! I love people, and I love helping. I am a fixer by all means. I have to ask my friends sometimes, “ok what do you want from me? Do you need my advice? Do you want me to shut up and listen, or do you want me tell you like it is?”
This helps me tremendously with what I need to do in the moment, to help them, help themselves. Sometimes your friends just need you to listen to them. They don’t want you to fix anything, they don’t want you to be positive, and they don’t want your advice. This is perfectly ok, feelings and emotions are temporary. We all feel this way sometimes, don’t judge yourself just go with it.
Sometimes we might just need a big old bitch session, and then we feel bettter. You can’t hold your feelings and emotions in, they won’t go away. They will come out at some point, and probably not in a way that you wanted them to.  
Sometimes your friends need a little bit of tough love. The kind you would give to your children, because you love them. It’s the kind of love that makes you look on the inside. It doesn’t blame, or judge, its compassionate and kind. It understands the suffering, and it wants to help you get through it. 
Sometimes your friends just need to have some fun. I’m always up for fun! I love to hang out and laugh with my friends. There’s Nothing better than family and friends. We go to work to pay for our bills, and we me make relationships to feed our souls. 
I’m very lucky because I get to make relationships, as a part of my career. And it also feeds my soul. A hairstylist is so much more than that💕
I get to to dream bigger, and impact more lives, because I’ve learned to overcome my fears.
When I learned to love myself, it was a game changer💕
It’s never to late for a new dream

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