Hell No we Won’t Go! Proper Beach Etiquette 

Good morning friends!  I’m coming to you from our summer family vacation in Destin Florida. We are lifetime beachers.  I met my husband at the beach nearly 20 years ago. It’s in our hearts and our souls. We consider ourselves professionals when it comes to the beach, however yesterday we were bombarded with others negative energy! 

See my cute husband up there sitting in the water? He wondered down to the beach before 8:00 yesterday.  He wanted to spend some time chilling with ocean before it got super crazy! He took his boat out, and hung out there for a good hour, and he even saw a dolphin. 

Now while he was out there relaxing, a man came and rented some chairs on the beach! Those would be the ones directly behind him. There’s nothing weird about this, everyone rents chairs and umbrellas. As my husband continued to relax in the waves he noticed that this man put his Beach chair right beside his, and by beside it I mean right up on it, like he’s part of our family. 

Here he is sitting next to my mom! This didn’t bother us one bit, but we did find some humor in it! At this point, we’ve decided that he’s a little bit salty and he thinks that he gets to rent the beach space in front of his umbrella too. We said hi and tried to make friends, but it wasn’t happening.  This guy legit thinks he gets all the space around him, including the 🌊 ocean!

We’re the kind of people who,have fun wherever we go. We don’t bring drama with us, and we sure don’t want any at the beach. So we’re having a good time and doing some people watching, when the rest of his family shows up. Now we got dads, and kids and moms, and grandkids, and they pull up thinking they own the space behind the umbrellas. 

Oh my goodness what is it with these people? Clearly they don’t understand its first come first serve at the beach, and just because you rented some umbrellas doesn’t mean you get the whole damn beach.

So here they are crowding me out of my space. I was sending a text and the dad put his back right against my back, and basically made me move. Being the kind lover that I am I scooted our cart down a few inches so his sweaty back was no longer touching mine. I don’t want confrontation, but I’m also nobody’s bitch! I have boundaries people!

At this point it’s really clear that these people don’t want us in their space, but guess what, it’s not theirs! We weren’t mean ever, we actually got a kick out of the whole thing.  I mean most of it was funny, but there was this one part where the dad decided to build a sandcastle in front of his umbrella, but behind our beach chairs.

I turned around to my left and his butthole was straight up in my face! At this point I lost it laughing because who does that? Who puts their ass in someone’s face, just because of where they are sitting? I don’t want to see that out of the corner of my eye for 45 minutes. No sir you need to point that somewhere else preferably your wife and not me!

So we decided to have fun despite these people, we know that we wear our weather and we’re on vacation. There’s not a thing that can ruin our day, even these grouchy people.  It just happened that on our way to the beach we found a kindness rock, and I knew exactly who needed it, so I strategically placed it on their stuff when they weren’t paying attention. 
I mean it seemed like the perfect thing to do, so I did it. The funny thing is that they dumped that rock off their stuff and never even acknowledged it.  Well to bad friends, you wear your weather, and you decided to be a storm today.  You should know that your negativity didn’t bother us one bit, we actually thought it was pretty funny. 

We were able to see how much we’ve grown as people, because we’re not the victim to anyone in life. You can teach your kids how to deal with their feelings, or you can teach them how to be mad at the world! We choose kindness, we choose love and laughter!

The kindness rock didn’t go to waste, because I took it over and gave it to a beautiful little girl that was sitting next to us in the other chairs. Her smile was priceless and she truly appreciated it!

Thank you family at the beach for showing us how far we’ve come in our consciousness, for providing us with day of entertainment and for allowing us to work on our boundaries! 

That butthole in my face will be laughed about for a really long time!

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