Don’t wish away your happiness 

I used to be the girl who gave all her happiness away. Until I learned how to love myself in an authentic manner. 

I’ve had to learn to be my own best friend. I had to learn how to undo some of what I’ve done to myself, and also what life has done to me.
It’s a weird concept to realize that you’ve had the power within you all along, and you didn’t even know it. We as humans have so much more power and potential in our brains, but we don’t take the time to unlock it.
Learning about my brain, and my ego have been a real life changer for me. But what happened first is that I wanted to change! I had an awakening occur inside of me. I had an epiphany ⭐️that my life was half over, and that I wanted the second half to be extraordinary.
I’ve always known that I was capable of more, I just wasn’t sure what it was that I wanted more of. It turns out I want more kindness, more happiness, and more love. I want to teach the world to love better, to be kinder, and to make a difference. 
When I took the time to focus on myself, everything else began to fall into place. Now I write a blog, inspire people daily, and have a team of rockstar friends. 
If there’s anything in life you want, then you can get it! 
First focus on yourself, and then ask what it is that you really want to do with your life. 
Daily I choose to grow and I also choose to share my love with you!
Don’t keep waiting and watching everyone else. Go find your people and collaborate with them!

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