Do you think your stuck with the life you have?

Do you think your stuck with the life you have right now?
If you answered yes, then this article is for you. 

I have had to create the person I am today. I’ve had to open up my heart and soul in ways that I never even thought were possible. 
I used to give my power away on a daily basis. I didn’t realize the reasons for my struggles were because of my own thoughts, and choices.  
I didn’t even know what consciousness, or mindset meant. I did however know what playing the victim was like. I learned that many years ago, and used it for a really long time to keep myself safe. 
When we play the victim, it takes the focus off of the real problems that need fixing. Playing the victim is yet another safety measure we’ve either created, or learned, from the generation before us. 
There are numerous things that we inherit from our families as we’re growing up. Some of the things are amazing attributes and qualities that have enhanced your life, and overall made you a better person.  
But on the flip side of that, you’ve also learned some habits that you need to let go. There are thought patterns, and other beliefs that you’ve never really investigated. You might not even be aware of how much osmosis goes on when your younger.
When your a kid, your always surrounded by adults. Even if your not paying attention to them, some of their thoughts and feelings will enter your little mind.  
We were all children at one time, so it’s happened to all of us. But the good news is that you can undo anything that doesn’t serve your higher purpose!
The answer to everything always lies within you. When you learn this, and you take the time to master yourself, your real authentic voice will begin to emerge. 
It’s might be a little scary at first to look inside yourself. We are complicated to say the least. 
Some people might go their entire lives choosing their own pain and suffering, over abundance and gratitude. And that’s ok for them, were not here to judge them. 
But if you know someone who truly wants to change, then send them to my page. Share my blogs with them, everyone needs a teacher.
We don’t learn amazing new things on our own. We read them, watch them, or are taught them. 

Mentors, coaches, authors, and friends are our teachers. People that we admire become become the professors in our lives. Our mistakes become our biggest lessons, and are indeed never failures.
The truth of the matter is there something’s you need to unlearn and let go.
And there are other things you need to add to your life to make it better, but only you can decide when it’s time for more.
Only you can make the choices that will change your life💜
I hope that I’ve inspired you to look within, because it’s where all of the answers lie!
You cannot find happiness, you are happiness!

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