Marriage is Not always a walk in the park ✌️

Today I’m going to inspire you to work on your marriage. I came across this bit of advice, and after an impromptu fight, with my husband of 16 years I felt compelled to write about ours today.
There are times in my marriage when I feel so close to my husband, that I couldn’t be any happier if I tried. Then there’s the times when I feel like I’m wasting my breath trying to explain myself, and I want to run away, and never come back.
These are the the truths about marriages. They are beautiful and loving, and then they are messy and broken. There’s a constant ebb and flow, just like there is with life. 

I would be a big fat liar if I said that God didn’t put my husband in my life. He clearly did, because of how we met. (That’s in another blog) However, after years of growing and changing together, we sometimes become

So stuck in our ways, we become so blinded by our fears we are unable to move on.
The truth is after reading many books, and immersing myself in learning, I’ve realized that our spouses are supposed to help us fix our inner broken child. 
They are here to help us become better versions of ourselves. Right now we are in midst of an awakening, and our inner children are doing everything they can to stay alive.  
If you don’t think you have a broken inner child, just see how you react to your spouse the next time you don’t agree on something. The child is the one who comes out in defense mode. The child is the one you respond with when you haven’t taken the time to practice the pause. The child is the one who needs the healing, but you have to be willing too look inside yourself. 
You have to learn how to stop with the blame talk, and learn how to communicate in a healthy way.
 Our zodiac signs match, we are Taurus, the bull. This is not a good thing, because we are both very stubborn, and both very afraid of being hurt. I’m very emotional, and I feel everything like the empath that I am! He’s very logical, and more of a thinking person, then a feelings person. 
I’m willing to bet money, that if some of our friends could witness our communication in the middle of an argument, they would be surprised by what they hear. They would be confused by what they see, and they would wonder what the hell just happened. I often look back and wonder how I just took part in that onslaught of emotions. 
I’m often left asking myself these question Why do I let him push my buttons?

Why do I react instead of respond?

What role am I playing in this?

What about my inner child still needs healed?

What can I do different next time?
What do you with all of these unspent feelings and emotions? 

What do you do when you didn’t have parents that taught you about communication and feelings?

What do you when you don’t understand yourself?

What do you do when you won’t settle for an average marriage?

What do you do when you refuse to pass on more dysfunction to your kids? 
My answer to all of this is simple, try again💜
Marriage is just like the seasons of the year, sometimes it’s summer and everything’s amazing, and sometimes it’s winter, and it’s frozen and cold.
You know what’s broken inside and you know what needs fixed💜 But only you can do the work!
To those of you who struggle with marriage sometimes, hallelujah, you are normal😀
Don’t judge yourself, don’t beat yourself up, everyone goes through this, the question is will it make you better?


Will it make you bitter?

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