What do you live for?

Today I’m going to inspire you to ask yourself what you live for?
I don’t mean going to work, or being a parent. Those are requirements in your life. For most people those things come really easy. 
We were made to work and be parents, weren’t we?
I will agree with that partly, because those things are a part of your daily life. But there’s a huge difference between living, and filling your soul.
When you realize the difference between the 2 things, then you can begin to decipher what it means to you.
I thought for many, many years my soul purpose was to take care of everyone. And I loved that part of my life, but there came a time when I began to feel empty. It was like I had spent all of my time on everyone else’s needs, and I hadn’t even considered what my needs were.
If I’m being completely honest, I had learned how to shut off my inner voice. I got so wrapped up in being a wife, and being a mom, and working my job, that I forgot about the most important person, ME!
Learning how to feed your soul will mean that you have to re-learn some things. Your going to have to undo some of what you’ve been teaching yourself. Your going to have to be brave enough to go beyond your own fears.
I know it’s scary, for years you haven’t known anything else. I also know that if you’ve never taken time for yourself, it can feel selfish and uncomfortable. 
But that’s ok, that’s when you grow the most! When things make us feel afraid, we almost immediately tend to shy away from it. Our brains will do anything to avoid fear, because that’s how they are made. And that’s also why so many of us get stuck in our lives and don’t know how to move on.
Self love is a very important part of living your authentic life. You need to take time for yourself, and you need to find things that fill your soul.
I started writing a blog⭐️

Was it scary? 


Has it been worth it? In more ways than 1⭐️
I started a new business from home⭐️

Was it scary?

Hell yes!

Have I succeeded? Hell yes! Beyond my wildest imagination ⭐️ I’ve grown a team, I’ve met amazing new people, I’ve made money, and I get to help others change their life⭐️
I started meditating⭐️I know sounds corny, I used to feel the same way! ⭐️ I use an app, and it’s guided, and it’s brought a sense of presence, and balance into my life⭐️
You must have things in your life that are yours! You’ve heard the saying you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s true.
Take time to honor yourself! It’s not selfish, it’s in fact quite the opposite, it’s fulfilling!💜
What do you do Friends to feed your soul? 
What have you done lately that scares you?
What are you going to do this week that’s just for you?

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