Stop Giving Your Power Away

Do you know how many times a day you give your power away? 
Do you understand what that means? 
We as humans tend to give our power to people in our lives that don’t deserve it. We let someone who means nothing to us ruin an entire day, or perhaps the whole week. 
So here you are mad at the world, and the person your mad at doesn’t even know your mad. Your carrying around all of this negative energy, and the only person it’s hurting is you! 
Self awareness has been a game changer for my life. Learning more about myself and my feelings has made me a stronger, healthier version of myself.  
Learning to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings is truly a gift to yourself.
Here’s a few ways you give your power away⭐️
Someone makes a negative comment about your outfit, and you let it bother you. 

✌️who the hell cares what their opinion is, unless you consider them a close friend, you need to let that shit go!
A co worker gives you a dirty look, and you make it about you.

✌️maybe they are having a bad day, and it’s got nothing to do with you. Whatever it is, it’s theirs to deal with and not yours, so don’t make their issues your issues. Just move along and let it go.
Someone doesn’t like you, and suddenly your hurt.

✌️who cares if they like you! Everyone’s not going to like you, get used to it. We’re all made differently. If your hanging out with people who make you feel bad about yourself, then you my friend are hanging out with the wrong people. When you learn to love yourself more, you won’t tolerate these fools in your life.
Getting mad at someone because they didn’t do what you think they should do.

✌️boundaries are a must in a conscious life. Never, do things out of guilt, or because you feel sorry for someone. Those are forms of co-dependency and conscious people aren’t co-dependant! 
The truth of the matter is that we can always learn more about ourselves. 
Emotionally Strong people don’t give their power away⭐️ especially to those who mean so little!
The next time you find yourself in victim mode, snap out of it and become the conscious boss your supposed to be!

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