Why the silly shit your parents said to you worked

Do you remember when you were little, and your mom or your dad used to say some of the silliest things to you? 
Like when I was looking for something and I couldn’t find it, my mom would come in and find whatever it was that I was looking for. She would then pick it up, and hand it to me with a smart ass smirk on her face, and she would say “Tavia, If it was a snake it would bite you!” 
And she was right, it was normally somewhere really obvious, and I had just overlooked it.  
Another one of her favorite things to say to me was “you’re at the top of my shit list!” This one always made me giggle on the inside, partly because she said shit, and who doesn’t think that’s funny at 12? But I also remember talking back to her on this one when I was mad. I would ask her “who’s in the middle, and on the bottom of your list?” 
Ha Ha Ha Ha
I love these memories, and so many more. 

I hold them dear to my heart, and they make me smile. 
My mom is an amazing, faithful, funny, loving, hard working lady. She has given her children more gifts than she will ever be aware of. But her one liners are my favorite! 
I saved the best one for last. It’s the one that’s really become a part of my life motto, even if I wasn’t aware of it until recently.  
My mom always said to me “Can’t NEVER did anything Tavia!” And, while I hated it that she always said this to me as a kid, as an adult, I’m beyond thankful for it.
I can assure you at 43 years old, that was a very important part of who I am, and what I’ve become. 
It was an anchor that kept me grounded, even in the middle of all of my storms.  
It was something that was unconsciously ingrained in my soul. It’s one of the very reasons that I’m not afraid to do new things. 
Its why I never quit! 
It’s why I love with all of my heart!
It’s why I’m faithful and loyal!
If your a parent and you often spout off advice to your kids, just know if it’s truly valuable, they will carry it with them forever! 
I love you Mom, and I love your lines!
Do you have any lines from your child hood that your would like to share? Post in the comments I can’t wait to hear from you!

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