Why my broken childhood is actually a gift to other kids

“She doesn’t have to play with my kids. She doesn’t have to teach them new things. She chooses to be a part of their lives. She’s making a positive impact. She’s someone they can look up to. My girls love their aunt taytay ❀😍😘 we’re blessed to be surrounded by positive role models who feed us positive energy and support!” (My sister took this picture and wrote this)
Good morning friends my sister captured this beautiful moment, with my nieces and I, the other night in the back yard at my moms. I’m normally the one who’s taking all of the pictures because I never want to miss a single memory. So my heart was overflowing with love when I woke up this morning and found this.
I was teaching them yoga, and we had so much fun. The belly laughs that I got out of those 2, were enough to fill my spirit for the rest of the week.  
Do you want to know why kids mean so much to me?
Do you want to know why I try to make each one feel special and loved?
Do you want to know why they are so important to me?
Do you want to know why I think relationships are the most important thing in the entire world?
It’s because I was a broken child, and I often see things through the eyes of little kids.  
I have a filter that I see the world through, because of my own childhood. I’ve learned over the years that it can sometimes mislead me, and other times it’s right on the money. 
What does that mean exactly?
It means that because I didn’t feel protected some of the time, I feel the need to protect those little ones.  
It means that I’ve had to learn what’s triggering my own pain, and then decipher what’s really happening. 
Is my need to protect coming from my hurt child, or does this child really need me to step in for them? 
As I get older and I continue to heal my broken little girl, it’s easier for me to tell if the pain is my own, or if it’s truly theirs.
The Bible says:

“Children are a gift from the lord; a child is a reward from him” Psalm 127:3
Do you understand that? 
Children are a gift, but so often they are the ones who are left behind. They are the ones who pay the price because they have unhealthy parents. 
They are the ones who wear the sadness in their eyes, the ones who come to school hungry. They are the kids who play outside all night because, outside feels much safer, than what’s going on inside their homes. They are the kids I see that are sick and home from school, and they had to walk to CVS with their medical card and get their own prescription, because their parents don’t care enough to do it for them.  
I see you kids, I see you all the time! I love you and my heart breaks for you often. 
That’s why I leave all of my daughters old clothes on your doorstep, because I know it makes you happy. That’s why I gave you money to go to the swimming pool, when you knocked on my door asking for it. That’s why, I try to give you a smile and a wave every time I see you. 
Because even though I can’t save you, I can send a little love your way. I can try to make your day a little better, and I can show you some love and kindness. I can teach you that the whole world isn’t bad, just some of the people in it are broken. 
My sister was right when she said I don’t have to play with my nieces, but I choose to because it’s important to me. They fill my soul with just as much love as I fill theirs! 
Take the time to love your kids the way they need to be loved, and not the way that you need to love them! Parenting is about learning and growing, and healing. Your kids should not have to worry about you, or your needs, it’s quite the opposite. 
You should be fulfilling their needs, in a way that honors each of them. 
You should meet them where they are, and you shouldn’t burden them with your adult problems. You should learn to fill their cups with true love, and not micromanage their every move, just because your filters a little blurry. 
I will always stand up for a child if they are being mistreated. πŸ’œ
I will always take the time to bond with the little ones in my life.πŸ’œ
I make a difference in this world daily! 
I choose love, and I choose to share it freely. 
All of the kids in my life already know they are special. I am thankful for my broken childhood because it’s a gift to the future children. It’s made me more conscious, and more aware of the little ones and for that I am grateful.
I will always take the time to play with the kids. 
My life priorities might not be about making a lot of money, and living in a fancy house, but it is about making a difference in the world and in lives of those I touch.
The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice πŸ’œ

Don’t be the critic, be the lover

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