Tatum turns 2 Happy Birthday GiGi’s Girl

My 1 and only beautiful granddaughter turns 2 today. She has brought so much joy to our lives, and she continues to bless us on a daily basis. 

She’s spunky, and witty and she has a mind of her own! She’s a homebody and will often tell us “I go home!” & then I tell her yes, you go home when mommy gets off of work.

She loves animals more than people and she loves to play Snapchat with me.  She calls her dog on the phone several times a day while she’s out our house and talks to him,  his name is honey!

My heart overflows with love everytime she is around💕

Today we will be celebrating her birthday and the only thing she keeps asking for is “Tandy” aka candy!

Love grows here ❤️

Happy birthday Tatum Robinson we love you sooooooooooo much! 

​You are practically perfect in every way❤️

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