I believe in miracles 

Today I was having a really hard time writing to you. I am emotionally blocked right now. My mom called me at 5:00 am this morning, and I knew immediately that something was wrong. She never calls at that time in the morning. 
She was crying and upset, she said my brother in law and my nieces had been in an accident last night. She said everyone was ok, but the picture scared her to death. 
As I sat down and tried to inspire you today, I couldn’t think of what to write about. My brain is full of gratitude and thankful to God for keeping them safe. But I was also a little shocked. 
After starting and stopping 2 different stories, 

I decided to stay true to my heart, and share with you what’s really going on today. If I let my mind go crazy then it would be full of what ifs. But what ifs don’t serve a purpose in my life. 

I can’t what if my day away, because that’s focusing on the wrong things! My faith is bigger then my fear here.
What does serve me is gratitude! So after allowing myself the necessary tears of relief, and allowing the fears to wash over me, I was able to be thankful!
I don’t know how you are with your nieces and nephews, but I’m in love with all of mine. I’m even in love with many of my friends kids, they are just like my own kids.
Last night could have been a lot worse, but it’s not. The girls and Paul are safe because God has some amazing plans for them. I also think it’s super important to make sure your kids are strapped in their seats properly. Safety first Friends ⭐️
Even though this article is far from my normal, I felt that I should share it with you. I want you to tell the people you love, that you love them today. 
Why do we wait until it’s to late to tell people how we feel? 
I always try to spend time with the people I love. I try to tell them how much I love them, and what they mean to me daily, or weekly. This is a lesson in consciousness!
Sometimes tomorrow is not promised, so don’t live with a bunch of regrets. 
Don’t put off loving someone today, because what if they’re not here tomorrow? 
Don’t live a life full of regrets, learn to love before it’s to late! 
I believe in miracles, God, and Angels 

What do you believe in?

This sweet girl napping right now💜

Evie Sue 

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