There once was girl who gave her power away 

Once there was a girl who gave all of her power away. She was the victim of her own life. She carried around a lot of guilt and a lot of contempt with her.
She thought that she had taken the time to get over her hurts, but honestly she had only pushed them away, and never really felt the pain. So everyday for a year she decided to learn more about herself. 
She didn’t really want to feel the way she was feeling anymore. But, she also knew that she was responsible for her own feelings. So she started the process of working on herself. She began to read and watch inspirational videos. She also started the process of letting go of all of her pain.  

It wasn’t easy because she had lived in denial for so long.

However, Slowly, but surely she began to heal herself. She knew that she had a lot of work ahead of her, but she was ready to tackle it head on. 
Letting go is not easy, because she had tricked herself into believing that she was ok. Her childhood wasn’t easy and she carried around a lot of hurts and traumas with her.  
Until one day she decided she wanted to be happy again. This was when she learned that she could take all of her pain and turn it into something positive. This was when an awakening occurred inside of her heart. This was when everything began to change. 
She learned the power behind changing her story. She also learned how to let go of the blame, and the shame in her life. She began to see her life differently, because she was willing to be honest with herself.  
Because of her willingness to look inside herself for the answers, her life began to change. It began to blossom into something more beautiful then she could have ever imagined. She brought love and healing into her own life, and she consciously began to grow in an authentic way. 
She stopped blaming everyone else for her troubles, and she became the master of her own emotions.
Because she was brave, things changed. 

Because she wanted to heal more then she wanted to hurt, she did exactly that. Because she believed in the power of love, she was able to overcome herself.
Then one day it just came natural for her to love herself. She didn’t even have to think about it anymore. It was as though she had always felt this way about herself. Her heart was full and her soul was happy. 
She had taken the things in her life that were meant to destroy her and she made peace with them. She learned how to be her own best friend and how to love herself. She practices self love daily, and is very committed to teaching others how to love themselves. 
Now she writes a blog and shares her heart with world, hoping to touch one heart at a time. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, because her wild can never be tamed. She’s grown 2 different businesses and they’ve both been very successful.
She is happiest when she’s giving to others!

She’s happiest when she’s sharing her authentic!

She’s excited to be here writing to you & she’s just getting started! 
If you want to change your life, you can💜

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