How I let go of the energy suckers 

Today I’m going to inspire you to stay away from negative people. 
It might be hard at first, because your used to getting sucked into their drama. But I promise with practice you will come to repel these kind of people.
I’ve done hair for 13 years and I’ve met all kinds of people. Some are amazing, and they fill my soul and my spirit. And then some of them just suck the life right out of me.  
When I was first growing my hair business I couldn’t be picky about about my clients. I had to do everyone and anyone, in order to grow. I used to spend countless hours just waiting on a walk in so I would have something to do.  
I did it though, I persevered through the slow times knowing that I had what it takes to grow my own business. 
Now fast forward 13 years, and things have changed on my end. I worked hard enough to establish my own clientele, and now I have the ability to pick and choose who sits in my chair.
I love that I get to decide who gets my time, and who doesn’t. I don’t have to do Ella Maes hair if she’s mean, and hates the world. I won’t allow her into my energy space. I am at a point in my life where peace overrules money every time, and that’s so freeing.
Was it scary to think I might be turning money away? 
Yes it was, but you see I don’t let fear control me anymore. When I was able to decide who I wanted and who I didn’t want, my career became fun again. 
I picked doing hair so I could be my own boss, dress how I want, act like I want, and all together express myself in an authentic manner that aligns with my soul. 
As time went on I started to lose myself and what I wanted. I realized then, that a few things needed to change and I started with boundaries. 
I’m happy to report that now my chair is full of beautiful souls, who I love and who love me. When I let go of the fear of not making money, new positive people began to show up in my life. 
Fear has a funny way of controlling us and making us do things that we wouldn’t normally do. But when you learn that fears our enemy, then you open up a whole new world.
If your energy is negative, then your not aloud in my space ⭐️
If your willing to learn then I’m willing to help you!
Share this post with someone you know that might need help with energy suckers!

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