Why you can’t dim my light 

Today I’m going to inspire you to make one change to your life! It’s been huge for me, and I can’t even begin to describe the freedom that comes along with it. 
I want you to stop with the self comparisons. Emotionally healthy people don’t compare themselves to anything, or anyone. Here’s a few examples 
Don’t compare yourself to others 






Body types


Bank accounts



And a million other things.  
Sometimes we’re not even aware that we do this, and that’s because we’re unconscious to it. But you can become aware of it and change it.
Comparison is a form of self mutilation, and the only person it hurts is you! No one else really knows what’s going on in your mind. Your the one who thinks it, and you are the one who feels it. 
I used to be the queen of comparison! I fed this negative energy inside me for so long I didn’t know if I wanted to let it go. I wasn’t sure if I even knew how. And trust me, it hasn’t been easy! Although some parts of it were really easy, other parts I just kept failing at. 
But guess what?!?!? The universe just kept sending me the same lesson over and over and over again, in the form of different people. I clearly knew I wasn’t learning the lesson, because if I had learned it, I wouldn’t keep repeating it! 
I’m a Taurus, and that means I’m a little bit bullheaded. So of course I wanted to do things my way, and hold on to the anger & the bitterness. But that right there, was the very lesson that I refusing to learn.  
I had to stop with the comparing! 

When I finally realized this, I began to let go. 

I realized that by comparing myself to others, I was destroying my own inner peace. I was making myself miserable and I was feeding the wrong energy. 
I’m perfectly imperfect and I’ve learned to love myself like never before. I decided to get rid of comparisons and instead do what makes my soul happy.
If you really want to change your life, then you will stop comparing yourself to others. 
Whatever you focus on gets your energy⭐️

I choose love, what do you choose?

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