What if you were addicted to change? 

I was just telling my friend at work the other day that I think I’m addicted to change.  I know it’s crazy and weird, I used to be the girl who didn’t change a thing, but since I’ve experienced the growth that comes with change, I want more.

At first trying to change anything is very hard. It ain’t called a comfort zone for nothing. It’s where we feel safe, and where we can stay the same. We don’t really challenge ourself in the zone. I honestly never saw myself as being the girl who would invite change into her life. I mean come on, how many hairstylist do you know that work at the same salon for 8 years? 


That was totally me! 
But if I’m being honest, when I finally left the salon, it was the beginning of my new journey. That was the first bit of change that I incorporated into my life. I loved my job, and my co workers, but it was time for me to to move on. 
At first it was scary, but it was also exciting. Now I find myself searching for these same feelings again, and again. What can I do to put myself out there?

What can I do I to keep growing?

How can I feel more alive?

Am I making a difference in his world?
My mind has been stretched and it’s grown! There’s no going back, once you’ve learned to kick fear in the ass. This doesn’t mean that I never feel afraid, but what it does mean, is that I don’t let those fears control me. I’ve learned how to practice presence, and I’ve fallen in love with it.  
I have no fears of the future, because I’m creating a life that makes me happy. I know that this is only the beginning⭐
If you could do one thing to stretch your mind what would it be?
I’m on a mission to help people help themselves. 

Lives have already been changed, and there’s plenty more where that came from!
I once hired a mentor to help me grow online, and he asked me why I was doing this. I told him it was because I honestly thought I could make a difference in this world, by just helping a few people.  
He said “Tavia, if it’s not about the money then what’s then point?” (I was confused and dumbfounded)
He also said to me “you know what your really good at? Your really good at being yourself!” (I wanted to punch him in the face)
At first I was a little offended by this comment, thinking who the hell else should I be? 
But as time went on I actually found myself smiling on the inside, because I like myself, and what I stand for. I love that I can remain true to me. I love that I won’t conform for anyone, and I also realize the lesson he was here to teach me.
Listen to my own voice and heart because it’s he one that neons me the best!
I hope you have the courage to stretch your mind 💕

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