What if we all followed our hearts instead of our brains? 💜

Today I’m going to inspire you to follow your heart. It’s not always the easiest choice, because we tend to listen to our brains more then we do our hearts. 
Logic begins to reason with us in our minds, and we begin to listen to it. I can’t even tell you how many times my pride and my experiences almost kept me stuck. There’s a time for reasoning and there’s a time for dreaming.
If we play our entire life safe, then we’re going to miss out on so many opportunities. Even though people bring new opportunities to us, we are unwilling to learn about them. 
Some of us can’t even listen, because we’re so used to playing safe. When I try to share something new with someone, they usually have 14 reasons why they can’t do it. They won’t even open their mind for 10 minutes and let me in. The longer I work with people the more of a pattern I see with them.
They focus on all of the wrong things, and in doing so attract all of this negative energy into their lives. They want more money, but they are unwilling to invest in something that makes more money. They want more time with their families, but they won’t get a different job. They want to do something different, but they just don’t believe in themselves enough. This is called a pattern Friends, and you don’t want a pattern that keeps you stuck?!?!
I can tell you one thing for sure, I used to be that girl too. I was living my pattern daily. I had all of the answers and I didn’t want to try anything new. I know it’s probably hard for you to believe, but I almost missed my opportunity. 
I had a message from a sweet girl and I ignored her at least 6 times, before I finally answered her. 
Do you want to know what else I did?

I looked up the price of her night cream. I told myself it was too much money & I would never buy it. I didn’t stop to learn anything about the company, I just kept finding reasons why I wasn’t going to use it. I didn’t want her stuff, I didn’t need her stuff, and I sure as hell have never sold anything in my entire life, so I wasn’t selling her stuff.

Now let me pause here for a minute, and let that sink in. I myself had tunnel vision and I’m not sure what exactly made me flip a switch. Part of it was I guess Was i will try your stuff if it’s free to try, what the hell. Part of it was because she was so nice, even though I ignored her. But I think the biggest thing thing I did differently was, that I finally got past myself. 
It was really fear that was leading my life at this point. Fear comes into our lives and it wears many different masks. It doesn’t always say “I’m afraid”! Sometimes it say so many other things to us, that we don’t even realize we’re afraid. We think we’re being smart, but really we are just playing it safe.
Our lives weren’t meant to be played safe. You don’t have to follow your own set of rules. Sometimes you need some change, and you need to do something scary and out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself. 
I didn’t believe in myself, and I didn’t really love myself either. Sure I loved parts of me, but there were other parts of me that needed some work. 


16 months into owning my own business here are the things that it has done for me. I am a chnaged woman , and for the better I would like to add. Even though it’s been a roller coaster I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 
I am a new Tavia and it’s because I stopped being afraid! 
⭐️ I’ve met new people, who help me grow 

⭐️I’ve started a blog

⭐️I’ve grown a team

⭐️I’ve gotten free product every month

⭐️I’ve learned how to control my fears

⭐️I’ve change my skin

⭐️I’ve changed my husbands brain

⭐️I’ve helped people look pretty

⭐️I’ve received positive messages from friends and strangers 

⭐️I’ve learned to believe in myself again

⭐️I’ve learned what it means to be on a team

⭐️I feel alive again

⭐️I get to help people change their lives

⭐️I get to mentor people

⭐️I get to fill my heart and soul

⭐️I have something that’s mine 

⭐️I’ve made money 

 But most of all I was able to listen to my heart💜
Should you find yourself in a situation where pride and experience want you to say no, just temper my story and go with your heart!  
Share with friend who needs inspired

And have a great day friends!

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