Just be yourself everyone else is already taken ✌️

Today I’m going inspire you to be yourself!That’s your gift, your you and there’s no one else like you💜 

My entire life I’ve felt like I’ve never fit in. I’ve always been a little different, and I’ve liked that about myself. Even though there were times when I was younger and I wanted to fit in. I wanted people to like me, but at the same time I wanted to be myself. If I have to change anything about myself to make you happy, then your not my people.
I can say that today with a shit ton of confidence and mean it! But I wasn’t always so adamant about being different. 
The world and the opinions of others wanted my to conform, to their norm! But I don’t conform, I wasn’t made to fit in. I was born to teach and to learn! God made me so I could bring some change to this world.
He made me unique and original and I realize this now. But I used to struggle with it, until I began to learn more about me. 

You see when your stressed and you feel like you can’t think, then you need a time out. You need some self love, and you need to quiet all of the other voices in your head. 
The more you fall in love with you, the louder your authentic voice becomes. I am here to teach you how to love yourself again! How to honor the real you, and how to live the life you were meant to live.
If you want more information on my daily life changes check out my blog at taytaysfreshfaces.com
And remember you can unlearn the bad habits in your life and replace them with ones that make your soul glow!

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