What are you committed to?

Who and what are you committed to?
Most of us will answer with our families or our jobs, but how many of you are willing to say that your committed to yourself?
This is where we as humans need to rethink a few things. I understand your commitment to those things in your life, but do you understand that you need to be committed to yourself?

It’s not selfish to look after yourself, although most of today’s society would disagree. They would lead you to believe that good parents are slaves to their children, and to their jobs. 
When I began my journey for personal growth, I often heard from people that I was selfish. I was supposed to spend every hour, of the day, running around serving everyone else. 
And For many years I did just that. I worked, I volunteered for everything, I taught Sunday school, and I fed the football team on Friday nights. I loved the reward of feeling needed, I was addicted to being a servant. 
But then I began to learn about consciousness, and about self love. I think we’re all guilty of losing ourselves, in the role of being a spouse or being a parent, or even overly committed to our jobs. However, when you know better you do better. 
There’s no denying that there’s an awakening happening all around me. People are beginning to live in their conscious minds, instead of their hurt egos. Yoga is huge in the United States right now, and it’s because it quiets the mind, it provides balance, and it brings stillness into our lives.
Mediation is also huge right now. I have an app called insight time and I do a guided meditation at least 3 times a week, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.
Taking time to add these things to my life, have made me a better me! They help me feel centred and grounded, and I have a shit ton of clarity.  
There’s nothing wrong with taking time for you. If you think that there is, then it’s only because your not being honest with yourself.  
Sometimes we have to get real with ourselves. We have to ask ourselves what are we gaining out of this? 

Why do we treat our friends better then we treat ourself?

Why is it so easy to take care of everyone else, but not take the time for us?
Habits, Habits, Habits
You need to take care of yourself, and learn to love yourself. This is one of the best gifts that you can give those you love. 

It’s like recharging your batteries, and not feeling guilty about it. 
You my friends can learn so many things, if only your willing πŸ’œ
Learn to take time for you, learn to quiet all of the other voices, and find your voice again πŸ’œthe real voice, the authentic one.

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