Be obsessed with the things you love about yourself

Imagine how different your life would be, if you were in love with yourself. I used to be in the habit of beating myself up, and talking to myself in way that I wouldn’t talk to anyone else. 
It took me many years before I was even conscious of my self talk. But once I realized how I was thinking, I began to pay closer attention. It seemed as though I was my own worst critic. I was always putting myself down, and it was only because I didn’t know any better. 
There comes a time in your life, when you decide how you want to feel. For me it was turning 40, and now 3 years later I’m proud to say that I’ve changed my mind. I’ve changed just about every story I ever told myself. I found help from. Numerous outside sources and I began to learn about me.
I learned about the traumas in our childhoods, and how we still carry it around with us. I learned about healing parts of me, that I thought I had dealt with a long time ago. I began a journey to heal myself, and it has been my favorite journey yet.
You see just like you, I used to be the victim to myself. I kept myself stuck, by playing it safe. I was the creator of my own chaos and I loved to blame everyone else for my problems. But blame is for the lame! It’s a bad habit people get into because they don’t another way. (Pay attention to yourself today, are you a blame?)
When you learn to focus on the good things instead of the bad things, you will begin to see your life through a new set of eyes. I often wonder who that other girl was, because I love this one so much more. 
I’ve learned to love all of the different complicated parts of myself. I’ve also learned how to talk better to myself. I don’t beat myself up anymore, or berate myself and if I fall back into that pattern, I just laugh and move on from it.
Your life is way to short to waste It being afraid. Find a mentor who can help you. Read some personal development books, and begin to implement them into your life. Make new friends if you have too, but do something that your future self will thank you for! 
Change is the answer to a happy life!

Never stay the same, it will dampen your fire

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