Energy suckers be gone

Today I’m going to inspire you to get rid of the energy suckers. Sometimes people think that just because someone is family, that they automatically get a roll in your life. 
That’s not true, and if you live your life giving to people who don’t deserve it, then you will have nothing left to give. I don’t care if it’s your dad, or if it’s your sister, if they are negative then they have to go.
Some of the biggest changes I’ve made to my life, is letting go of those who don’t make me feel loved. I know it’s a little weird and scary to think about deleting people out of your life. But here’s the thing, your a grown ass adult now. You get to decide who comes in your life, and you also get to decide who needs to get the hell out.
When you begin to love yourself more, then these choices will become easier. When people don’t take responsibility for their actions, then this is when it’s time to move on. Especially if you feel continuously hurt or rejected by these people. 
You owe yourself more then you owe anyone else. You need to learn to surround yourself with people who love you, and who are authentic. There are people in this world just waiting to celebrate you. But first you have to celebrate yourself.
Learning how to create boundaries, and taking control back in your life will make you feel free again. I am living proof that you can change your story. You can create the kind a life that makes you feel good about yourself again. 
It might be hard, and scary to think of letting some people go, but it’s going to be harder to love yourself if you keep them around.
You need to be the best version of you, that you can possibly be.  
You need to learn who makes you feel good, and who sucks the life right out of you.  
You get to decide who comes and who goes, and you will be a better person if you let go of the dramas. 
Message me if you need with help with this💜
Create the life you deserve by letting go⭐️
Share this video with a friend who needs to watch it and remember that you decide what role people play in your life, if any💜

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