Why your energy matters💜

Today I’m going to inspire you to change your energy! Sometimes you can read someone’s energy before they even open their mouth. My energy level is very high, and loud! I normally walk in a room and I’m singing, and I’m having a good time. Everyone knows when I get to work, because I bring a burst of positivity with me.
Now I feel the need to share with you, that I’m not a good singer, but I love music. It makes my heart happy. Music is a huge part of my life, and it makes my soul smile on the inside.  
We have to take time daily to take care of our spirits. Whatever it is that your little heart needs, make sure you take time to honor it. When you take time to learn more about your authentic voice, then you can hear what you want more clearly💜.
Our energy is so important, because we will receive back, the exact energy that we put out. I know that can be confusing sometimes, so let me specify.  
You can’t be nice 75% of the time, to most people. You can’t pick and choose who gets what from you. You see, while being kind 75% of the time seems like a whole lot, your going to screw yourself with that other 25%. 
Do you know why? 
Because that extra 25% is consuming you with negative feelings. It’s a bit of jealousy, a little bit of competition, a little bit of comparison. That negativity almost erases all of your positive. And in some cases, it does erase the good entirely.
I used to creep on a few people’s Facebook pages that I don’t like. Why? Because I was being human! I was also choosing to feed the bitter monster.  
But the truth is, that looking at their pages, didn’t make me feel any better. In fact it fueled my negativity. 
So over the last month I made a bet with myself, and I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with it. I’ve not once looked at their pages. At first, it was really hard to not do that, because I had created a bad habit. But after a few day it became easier, and now I have zero desire to see what they are up to. 
I want authentic, people in my life! 

I don’t have time for the fakes and the haters!

So why did I give so much energy to the negative committee in my head? 
It was simply because I didn’t know any better. If you want to change your energy, and start attracting more positive friends, then be willing to let go of some old ways. Be open to try new was of thinking, but most of all remember that you get back what you put out!
What voice to do you feed? 
There’s not room for both faith and fear💜
Change your life by changing your energy!
Go meet some new friends, and try some new things⭐️

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