There’s Always A Reason Why 

I don’t believe in coincidences or chance. I’m a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. I also believe everything is connected, and one path leads to another.
I even believe the people in your life who hurt you, are here to teach you a lesson. Sometimes we don’t always learn the lesson the first time around, so we have to try again. We will continue to make the same mistakes, if we don’t figure out why we’re doing it.  
There are times in my life when I’ve invite the wrong people in. But I’ve learned that they have a lesson to teach me. And I’ve also learned what the lesson is. Even though I repeated the same mistake several times. I basically trusted girls that I should have not trusted. I knew they were selfish and shady, but I wanted to give them another chance. I wanted to believe that they had some good In Their hearts. 
But what I really found out was that there issues don’t have a thing to do with me. Yes I might have felt used or hurt by these people, but they don’t love themselves, so they can’t possibly love me. At first it’s easiest to get mad. 
Mad at myself for trusting these bitches again, and mad because they let me down. Sometimes people are really good at acting one way when they want something from you. And then when they get what they want, everything changes. At first it’s easy to blame yourself, because you feel hurt and vulnerable. 
But please don’t waste your time beating yourself up. These people are not worthy of your love and they never were. Insecure people can’t love confident people. 
Toxic people defy logic, they will have you so confused, that you really think that your the enemy. But my friends you are not!
These selfish fools are here to teach you boundaries. They are here to teach you about trust, and about selfishness. They are also here to teach you about presence.  
There are going to be times when you trust the wrong bitches, and that’s ok! Learn the lesson they are here to teach you! 
Every time I do something for someone that I don’t really want to do, it bites me in the ass. Don’t ever do anything for anyone because you feel sorry for them. 
We must learn to find our authentic voice and to use them

We must learn to honor what we really want, not what our heart tells us.  

You are an amazing person with an awesome heart💜

Not everyone is genuine like you and that’s the lesson Friends!
We meet everyone for a reason, some are blessings and some are lessons.
When you let go and of the negative people in your life, you make room for the positive ones!
Want to change your life? 

I’m here to cheer you on💜

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