The difference between happy people and unhappy people

I used to be girl who blamed everyone else. I used to be the girl who was the victim of my own life. I used to be the girl who thought she was stuck with herself. I used to be the girl who kept myself stuck, hurt, miserable, and unhappy. 
I used to be so many things that I’m not anymore, and it makes me so happy to see how far I’ve come. When we take the time to work on ourselves, our worlds will begin to shift. The way we think, and the way we feel are our responsibility. We have to decide what’s worth holding onto, and what we need to let go.
We as people are all the same in many ways. We are creatures of habit, we avoid pain at all cost, and most of us want to play it safe. But, unfortunately our safe zone sometimes becomes our comfort zones, and then we get stuck in our zones.  
Being stuck in anyway is no way to live. It will suck the life right out of you, and leave you feeling empty and depleted. 
Being stuck in a job that makes you miserable will eventually make you miserable.
Being in an unhealthy relationship with a partner, or a friend will leave you empty.
Having no dreams, or goals, will keep you stuck, and nothing will ever change. 
I see it all of the time, people want change, but they can’t get past their own fears. They talk about it, but they are unable to follow through with it. I used to be one of these people myself, until I decided I wanted change more then I wanted safety.  
The most important thing to remember is that I used to be like you, I used to be exactly like you. I was afraid most of the time, and everything I did was out of fear. Fear had a grip on me, and I didn’t know how to overcome it. I didn’t know that I had another choice.  
If you want to change your life, then you need to go look in the mirror. You need to get real with yourself. Don’t play the victim, or the judge in your own life. You are not a victim, you are amazing soul put on this earth for a reason. 
Do you feel as though your living the best possible life that you can live?


Do you feel as though your just barely living?
When your ready for change, you will be brave enough to invite it into your life. 
When you ready to be free from your own pain, you will open you heart and you will begin to change.
If you have negative people in your life, then it’s time to let them go. You are an adult now, and you get to decide who you love. Sometimes we have to replace the negative people in our lives with different positive people. Sometimes we have to make new friends who will help us grow, and it’s up to us to find them.
We have to take responsibility for ourselves.  
We have to want change more then we want safety.
We have to be honest about what we really want.
Then we have to take action.
You can do anything you want to do
you can do nothing at all, the choice is yours❤️
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