Feeling discombobulated?  Here’s why ⭐️

Do you ever feel like your being pulled in a million different directions, but not sure what to do about it?
Do you ever feel like, your discombobulated?

Its kind of like anxiety, your just not happy or content. It’s a feeling of being unsettled. When we begin to focus on other people and things too much, we lose sight of ourselves.

Everyone needs something that is their own. I don’t mean serving your spouse, or job, or even your kids. I mean that we as humans need something for ourselves. 
You will lose your identity if you only focus on everyone else. You must take time to find your authentic voice again. You must take time for yourself, or you will have nothing left to give.  
If your thinking to yourself, my family is my life, that’s ok but only to a certain extent. Your kids need to see that you take care of yourself. They need to see that you have boundaries, and that your entire life does not exist to serve them. They need to see you take a chance on yourself. They need to see that even thought your afraid, you still do something new. 
If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then your exactly the one who needs to hear it. When I began to take time for me, something amazing began to happen. 
I was able to listen to what my soul really wanted. Not the incessant chatter in my mind thats critical, but the true voice of my heart. The feeling you get when everything’s going good. The feelings you have when you are happy! These are the things that we are striving for. These are the things that will set us free. These are the things that will make you grow tremendously.
I realized a few year back, that I was ready for something new. I decided to jump into network marketing. I knew that this was the way of the future, and I also looked at it as an opportunity to make some new friends. 
When I started to invest in myself, quite a few things changed for me. I felt a new calmness enter my body. I also felt afraid, but a good kind of afraid. The kind of afraid that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. 
The next thing I felt was excitement! I was excited for something new again, I had another purpose in my life, and it was mine. These feelings continue to run through body, as I grow an amazing team, and help people change their lives. 
The thing with change is, that we all want it, but we’re not always willing to get past our own fears. So we continue in this cycle of nonsense, always wanting more, but never actually going for more. 
If you want balance in your heart, then you need to find your authentic voice again. You have to push beyond the fears of your own brain, and just take a chance on yourself. You have to become the cheerleader of your own life! 
You can do anything that your little heart desires if your brave enough to step out of your comfort zone!
If you want to learn more about changing your life, then message me💜

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