We Changed a Story, by Sponsoring A Life💜 Watoto

Let me introduce you to the African Watoto Children’s Choir all the way from Uganda, Africa. Our church will be hosting them today and tomorrow.  
Watoto is a program that brings in orphans and vulnerable woman. They rescue them, and they help them to rebuild better versions of themselves. One lady will care for 7 children in her home. She will provide for them, and teach them what it’s like to grow up with a family. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are accepted into the villages. 
The children will get physical care, medical intervention, education, counseling, and spiritual discipleship. Along with emotional well being, and moral support of a mother.

These guys are making a difference, in Africa. These kids who lost their parents, are actually the lucky ones. Because, they will get to learn a new way to live, and a new way to love. They will get an education, and they will learn to provide for themselves.
In 2012 my husband and I sponsored our first child from the Watoto. We picked her out with great care. We choose Martha, because that’s the name of the pastor who married us. We received many letters and pictures from this sweet girl, and we also wrote to her. She became a part of our family, even though we had never met her. We looked forward to hearing from her, even if it was only a couple of times a year. 
Sometimes, the children are in the village with their biological birth moms. The Watoto has saved them both. As, the years went on we continued to foster our relationship with Martha. We looked forward to hearing what she was up to. We felt a bond with her that can only be described like the love from Jesus.  
But then one day we received a letter in the mail, and it wasn’t from Martha. It was from the Watoto office. I opened it up and I read it, and I began cry. My heart was broken in that very second. You see, Martha’s mom had decided to leave the Watoto, and this meant that Martha was leaving with her.
They have a choice when they are there, and for some reason she decided it was time to move on. I felt so many things at once. I felt an immense amount of sadness, because I will never talk to her again. I also felt, a pain in my heart for her momma. She had been given a gift, and she had decided to leave it behind. I imagine that her burdens were unbearable.
Even though she was all the way in Africa, we had a connection with Martha. We felt the love in every letter, and we loved her drawings also. 
I don’t know the details, about why they left, I can only guess. But I do know this, we made a difference in their lives while they were there, and I continue to pray for them. I think about her often, and wonder what she’s up to.
I’m hoping one day, I’m going to read an amazing story about a talented, young girl named Martha in Africa, and that it has a happy ending. 
I share this part of the story because I want you to see how it’s changed our lives. I want you understand that we are better people for knowing Martha, and she’s better for knowing us. That’s how God works💜
We immediately sponsored another child, starting in January of 2017. We haven’t gotten a chance to get to know her very well yet, but we’re looking forward to every minute of it. Her name is not as easy to pronounce as Martha, it’s Musobyimana. (I’ll figure out the correct pronunciation eventually)These children teach me so many lessons about love and hope. They teach me about gratitude, and joy. They make me realize that my problems are nothing in comparison to what they have overcome. 
They are an inspiration to many, and they are the change that they wish to see in their world. I get goosebumps every time I watch them perform. I cry, and I laugh, and I feel alive when they are around. 
I feel so much gratitude towards them

And God, for bringing these amazing souls into my life. I look forward to being filled with Holy Spirit this afternoon.  
Don’t let the word choir fool you, these kids break it down!
They are an amazing performing arts group, with lots of music changes, and different outfits. They share their stories through their songs and dance. And they heal themselves and many others while doing so. 
If you ever want more information on the Watoto I would be more then a happy to talk to you. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference in this world, because you most certainly can, and they will make a difference in your world.
Come be blessed this afternoon and fill your cup💜

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