Remember The Teacher That’s Still In Your Heart?

Do you remember when you were little and you had that one teacher that changed your life? 
You know the one that’s still in your heart. 
For me it was my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Ramsey. She was the kindest and nicest person I knew. She made me feel special and loved. When I went in her classroom I knew I was going to be met with a smile and a hug.  
I remember that we were able to earn money to go shopping at a store she set up for us. I don’t know how or why we earned the money, but I remember it like it was yesterday. She made a lasting impression on my life. She gave me love when I needed it the most, and that wasn’t even part of her job requirements. 
The really cool thing about her is that I still run into her sometimes. We live in a pretty small town, and I am lucky enough to cross paths with her and her husband. Undoubtedly, she was an amazing teacher, but the gift of love was better then the gift of learning, for me, at that age. 
And now my daughter is just as lucky. She had one of those amazing teachers this years. Mary is a blessing in so many ways, but today I’m only going to share one of them.  
She heard a story, and implemented it in her classroom. She sent all the kids home with a list of fellow students. She then asked them all to write down a compliment for each one. 

 The kids turned them back into her and she typed them up for them.

What an amazing thing to read πŸ’œ

You get to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. You get to understand the joy that you bring into someone else’s world.  
Mary I want to thank you, for this one! Peyton came home carrying that list and it was the first thing she handed to me. And, I was totally impressed with the thought, and uniqueness behind some of the answers. She took a picture of it and it’s now on her phone. She can look at it when she’s sad, or hurt. 
She can draw strength from it when she’s weak, and so will all of the other kids. 
You’re the teacher she will remember for the rest of her life. You’re the teacher who’s been through hell but still has love to give. You’re the teacher who gave a lesson in life, along with the math lesson. Your the teacher that We are thankful For in so many ways, and so are all of the kids who had you.
Just a few of my favorite comments about my daughter 
β˜€οΈyour smile makes the sunshine
⭐️you are hilarious and never afraid to tell people that you disagree 
✌️you can be friends with anyone


“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”
Have a teacher who changed your life? Tag them and share, I bet they would

Love to hear from you⭐️

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