Are your risky?

Today I’m going to inspire you to do something risky. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it’s something new and different. 
We are creatures of Habit, but we don’t want to live our entire lives in the safe zone. You will never grow as person if you don’t try new things. You have to push yourself beyond your own safety net. You have to be willing to be brave and to attract new things into your life.  
Ive read several interviews of people who were dying, and they all say the same thing. They wished they had spent more time with loved ones, and they regret all of the things they never tried.
Wouldn’t it be better to try at something and fail, then to never try at all? 
When I invite new things into my life, sometimes they work out, and sometimes they do not. But I never look at them as a failure, I look at them as a lesson. I look at them as a learning experience. There’s a lesson in every situation if we’re willing to learn it.  
When you don’t learn a lesson, then you repeat the mistake, over and over again. Some people might not ever learn their lessons, but that’s because they are not ready. In fact some people may go an entire lifetime and never change a thing. That’s their choice, but what’s your choice?
Do you want to live a life thats full of love and learning? 
Do you want to do nothing at all?
Risk VS Reward

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