The honest entrepreneur 

Today I’m going to inspire you to be yourself. Everyone’s trying to grow and build a business on the internet and I think that’s awesome sauce. However, your going to find the longer your in network marketing, the more shady people your going to meet.
Your also going to meet some fantabulous people along the way. The key is to filter out the people you don’t want to be like, and to attract those that align with your personal beliefs. 
I’ve been at this for 15 months now, and I’ve learned a lot, but I still have more to learn. When it comes to the internet it’s a lot like real life. Some people are genuine and authentic, and some people are just targeting you, and telling you what you want to hear. 
This doesn’t align with my values, because I prefer honesty. I’m not going to lie to people. I’m not going to take pictures of myself in front of million dollar houses, and fancy cars, and then post them on IG and claim to make millions of dollars from my phone.  

I’m going to share my real stories with people. I’m going to be honest and be myself. I’m going to be real! I’m going to be transparent, and vulnerable, because that’s what I stand for, that’s who I am!

If you want to grow a business online, then go for it, it’s the way of the future. Just make sure your a part of something that aligns with you. Find the company that stands for something you believe in. Find a mentor that can help you blossom into your best self.
Brand yourself and not your company! 

Don’t fall for the get rich fast schemes!

But most of all remember the law of attraction⭐️

You will receive the very energy that you put out!
Have a great weekend friends 

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