Act like life’s a blessing and it will be………

This is my mom, and my sister and I out celebrating my birthday. My family is one of my many blessings. I am thankful for all of the different personalities and qualities that they each posses.
Today I’m going to inspire you to be thankful for your life. I haven’t always been the person who looks at life this way. I used to be the victim of my own life. I used to struggle with so many things, simply because I didn’t know a better way. 
Personal development is huge when it comes to changing your life. You can’t do these things on your own. It would be like trying to to speak Chinese, even though you’ve never learned it. We are not born with a happy gene, that makes everything amazing. Learning gratitude takes practice. It’s exactly like building a muscle, that you haven’t used in a long time. 
We don’t have a choice about a lot of things when we’re younger. But, as adults we do have choices. We do get to decide how we feel, and we decide what we’re going to focus on. 
This is the part where you need to get honest with yourself. This is when you need to get past your own bull shiz! 

How do you feel about your life in general?
Do you focus on your fears?
Do your focus on your blessings?
One of them gets more of your energy! One of them describes you better than the other one.   
Focusing on your fears is just a bad habit, that you can break at anytime. It’s something you’ve trained yourself to do. Focusing on your fears, actually keeps you safe. If your so afraid to try anything new, then you never will. If you focus on all that could go wrong, you will never change a single thing. You will look back 5 years from now, and you will see that not much has changed. You will still

Be wishing for something different, but never having the courage to actually go for it. 
Here’s the good news though, if you’ve been doing it since you were a kid, there’s still hope.  
But the question is, do you want to change? 
Because if you don’t want to change, then nothing will change. 
Your fears will hold you hostage, and you will never know what you could truly be. I do hair, so I see people all of time. I love people, and I love the deep conversations that we have. I am a fixer by nature, so I’m not really surprised I’m writing a blog and trying to help you guys! I’m also not surprised, that I picked a profession where I get paid to talk and make people feel pretty. You see more fixing!
Now I focus less on fixing, and more on helping. I want to help those who want help! I want to see people change their lives, and become the superheroes that they long for. I want others to learn about the power of now, and the power within. 
After 43 years of being a fixer, I’ve learned not to waste my energy on those who don’t want to change. I’ve learned that you can’t fix people, only they can fix themselves. But they have to want fixed! They have to want change, they have to be the change they want so desperately. 
You can learn to look at your life as a gift. You can learn that you are blessed in so many ways. You can learn anything that your little heart desires if your willing to take the time to invest in yourself. 
Your life is meant to be wonderful, and full of adventure. You are supposed to live like there’s no tomorrow! Get out of your comfort zone, stop being afraid and get to living!

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