What I’ve learned at 43

Happy birthday to me! This is my hubby and I last night, out celebrating my birthday. Today I turn 43 and I wanted to share my birthday with you too. 

Sharing you life and your stories for the whole world to see, can sometimes be scary. But it’s also, all together amazing. I am proof that you can change your life. I do so daily! 

I’m not the same person this week, as I was last week! I am always learning and growing, I just happen to be vulnerable with an audience!

When I reflect upon my life, I truly know that every experience was there, to teach me a lesson. And, I also know that I have a million more lessons to learn. 
My 40’s have been about self reflection. They are about looking inside for all of the answers. They are about healing my broken little girl, and making her whole again. They are about getting real with myself, and dealing with my own shit. 

I’ve learned to find my authentic voice again and it feels so good. It’s makes my soul smile and my heart explode. There’s no negative self talk anymore, there’s this amazing girl who had changed her story. There’s this awesome healing power that comes from trauma, if your brave enough to go through the fire. 
You can learn many things from it💜here’s a few things I’ve learned that have changed my life💜

I’ve learned how to make more space inside myself. 💜

I’ve learned how to practice the pause💜

I’ve learned boundaries 💜

I’ve learned consciousness💜

I’ve awakened a part of my mind, that’s ready to share love freely💜

I’ve learned gratitude💜

I’ve learned some people don’t deserve to be in your life💜

I’ve learned presence💜

I’ve learned about my triggers💜

I’ve learned how to respond VS react 💜

I’ve learned how important good friendships are💜

I’ve learned that I can run more then 1 business successfully 💜

I’ve learned that I really need to listen to my intuition ALWAYS💜

I’ve learned to love my husband better💜

I’ve learned to pay closer attention to my kids because they have amazing lessons to teach me💜

I’ve learned that my energy needs to be honored💜

If I have to filter myself around you, then your not my people💜

I’ve learned that half of my life is over, and this next half is going to be the bomb💜

I’ve learned to believe in myself💜

I’ve learned how to dream bigger💜

I’ve learned how to chase bigger things💜

I’ve learned to never settle💜

I’ve learned to talk about my blessings more then my problems💜

I’ve learned to let go💜

I learned I loved to write 💜

I learned it was therapeutic💜

I’ve learned how to release the fears💜

I’ve learned how to be my own best friend💜

I’ve learned to truly love myself💜
If your still waiting on that one person who’s going to change your life and save you, might I suggest looking in the mirror!  

You don’t need anyone’s permission to get started on you! Go be awesome 💜

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