What happens when you take a chance on yourself⭐️

Look what came in the mail today, my #youthfactor So, I’m already In love with our products and my team💜 and then you go and tell me that we’re going to launch into the health and wellness field! ⭐️
This opens up a whole new dynamic! Yes we’re still anti-aging, but now we’re going to work on the inside, we’re going to work on the #cells! And, of course like always, We’re going to own the patent in these products.
I seriously sometimes still don’t believe I’m really running a business from home! I’m 15 months into this, it’s a part time thing, yet I continue to grow and make money. I continue to get free product and to help people look and feel better! 

Somebody pinch me, I get paid to talk to people! That’s my favorite thing ever! Talking!!!! 
How did I end up here? Where will I be another year from now? 
I really can’t even imagine! This has already exceeded my wildest dreams. When given an opportunity I almost didn’t take it. When someone tried to share it with me, I ignored her several times. I could have missed the boat completely, had I not finally said yes. 
Wow! I cant even imagine the last 15 months without my Nerium Family and friends. If I would have said no, I wouldn’t be half the person I am right now. Nerium is based around making people better, and it’s done exactly that, it’s made me better.

This is not copy and pasted from someone else’s status, this is my truth! This is my blessing! This is my journey💜 I am doing this! I’m rocking a successful business, I’m experiencing new things daily, and I’m winning on the inside. I’m writing a blog, I’m helping people and I’m alive💜
My team is alive, my business is alive!
Make sure your still alive! Nervousness is good for you! Not having all the answers is good for you! But most of all, believing in yourself is good for you! 💜

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