Where do you feel the most alive??????

Today I’m going to inspire you to feel alive. Do you know the kind of alive I’m talking about? It’s the kind where your out with your friends, and you spend so much time laughing, that you don’t even realize that 3 hours have went by. It’s the kind of alive that you feel when you and your husband are in sync. And, he looks you in the eyes so intensely that he stares right into your soul. 
It’s the kind of alive that we don’t make time for. It’s the kind of alive, that we so often forget about, and push to the side. It’s the kind of alive we all need more of. I don’t know about you, but nothing fills my heart more then hanging out with my friends, and family. It is the true meaning of presence. It’s as though the entire world stops, while we’re having fun. (Or, at least in our minds it does.) 
This is self honoring and self loving! This is what it means to fill your cup. Relationships are my reason for living. They are what make me happy, and they fill my heart! Maybe you have a passion for something else, that’s ok! Just take some time to feel alive, however that may be for you. 
But, why is it so important to take time to do this? 
Because life can get busy, and you can get lost in the shuffle. Because we sometimes becomes consumed by all of the wrong things. Or we spend too much time being parents, or married to our jobs. 
Clearly this is not an invitation to quit your job, or to quit being a parent. But it is a wake up call! This is me leading you into your conscious mind. I have a few questions for you! 
Where do you feel the most alive?
When are you the happiest and the most content?
When is your soul glowing from the inside out?
Now………..how often do you feel alive?
I can tell you that there was a time in my life when I wasn’t very alive. I can share with you that, I had to search for my aliveness. I had to find a new adventure, and some new challenges. But mostly, I had to get the hell out of my comfort zone. It was truly as simple as that! 
Fear binds us in so many ways! If you questioned your own fears enough, you could quite possibly, completely, knock them out all together.  
Or you could just live afraid your whole life!
I’m Alive! Are you?
Surround yourself with people and places that make you feel alive✌️

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