The girl who changed her story (part 2)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl born into this world. Her name was Tavia. She had a mom who loved her fiercely and she had a dad who was a little broken. Her dad didn’t love himself, so he couldn’t possibly love her. She knew that it wasn’t her fault, that grown ups had problems, and the older she got the more compassion she had for him.  
Her life was very adventurous. She moved around a lot, which meant things never got boring. She was always able to have new kids to play with, and new apartments to explore. She spent a lot of time with adults, since she was the first grandchild in the family. 
When she was 3 her mom married her step dad Nick. He took her in and treated her like his own. He taught her how to ride a bike, and he took her on her very first roller coaster. Over the years he continued to love her, and to care for her. Even though she didn’t have the Phillips blood in her veins, she had their love in her heart. 
She felt as though she belonged there. She knew that blood meant nothing, because love was so much stronger. She loved going to his house in the country, and she loved her Grandma Nance, and her Grandpa Charlie just like they were her own. And they loved her right back. (If anyone knew my grandpa Charlie, then you will surely agree that I was lucky to call him mine!) She realized that she had hit the lottery when it came to this family. She counted her lucky stars, and she even got a best friend from this family. Her cousin, was like her brother, and they are still thick as thieves.
Tavia also got her first little sister from her mom and dad. Her name was Abbe, and even though they lived in seperate homes, they were best friends forever. People would often ask if they were real sisters? And they would laugh at them, because there was nothing more real then the bond that they shared.
They might have even been closer because they didn’t live together. Tavia felt blessed to have such an amazing little sister, who adored and loved her. Their friendship continued to grow over the years, and today they are just as close as ever. They now get to watch their own children, bond and be silly kids as they once had.
Tavia also had another step dad who didn’t keep his promises, but this just taught her resilience. She learned yet again, that broken people have problems with love. It wasn’t her fault that he had issues, and he didn’t know how to deal with them. It also wasn’t her fault that he didn’t keep his word. Those were all things out of her circle of control, and even though it might have stung a little at the time, she learned a valuable lesson. 
She learned about trust, and she learned about perseverance. She got two of the best presents ever from him, and they were her brother and sister. Without him there would be no KK, or Isaiah, and she couldn’t imagine her life without them. So for this she thanks him, and she also thanks him for teaching her about boundaries. 
Her senior year of high school, God decided to bless her with a baby boy. She was a little afraid, but she was also excited. Her parents wanted her to give the baby up for adoption, and in true eager to please fashion, she decided to try to make them happy. She thought maybe they knew better then her, so she went along with it. She even went as far as to pick out his parents, but then something happened. You see, her heart took over her head. She became very, very sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. 
She became severely dehydrated and couldn’t even drink water. Her mom was afraid that she was going to die. She was so unhealthy, and so fragile, that her mother pleaded with her and shared her fears. She felt safe enough to tell her mom that she wanted her baby. She was only trying to please them, but that her heart was screaming no. As soon as she shared her feelings, and she was free of the burden of her parents fears, everything began to change. 
It was like a light had been switched inside her, and she was finally able to be whole again. You see, she learned once again that love overcomes all. She learned that even though she didn’t plan this, that God had different plans for her. He gave her this baby and she was going to love him with all of her heart. She felt bad for the people who wanted a baby, but she felt so good that she had the strength to stand up for what she really wanted. This was where she got her boundaries from. This was the lesson that taught her to never give up on her own wants and needs. 
She moved out of the house with excitement and joy. She was young, and wild, and she knew everything! (As we all do in our younger years) She loved Tevin so much. She spoiled the shit out of him, and gave him the best life that she knew how. When they moved down south she even got a nanny so Tevin could always be at home. She wanted him to have some stability and some normalcy. 
The most amazing thing happened when Tavia found her nanny, she also found her life long best friend of 21 years. Lajla was from Connecticut, and Tavia was from Ohio. But here they were together at the beach in South Carolina. They have shared so much together that they could quite possibly write a book, and maybe one day they will. (Disclaimer: a NOT kid appropriate book)
Her and Lajla had so much fun together. She wouldn’t change a single thing about those days. She loves that wild, crazy, authentic, girl. She loves that she lived her life free of other peoples opinions and beliefs. She loves that she just up and moved across the country with her friend Brenda, and her son. It was bold and ballsy! It was freeing and beautiful. It was fun and it made her soul come alive.
One day a boy moved in upstairs from Tavia. She saw him the very first day, and thought he was hot! He had to walk past her apartment to get to his house, and this was very convenient for her to become a major creeper! It turns out ,this is the boy that God sent to take care of her. This was her future husband, the one man that wouldn’t always love her, and that would never leave her.
That boy and girl and much older now, but they love each other even more deeply. They know that it was destiny that brought them together. And, they also know, that it’s their love that keeps them together. 
Tavia and her husband had a beautiful little girl, named Peyton. She is the perfect mix of the both of them, and she has an amazingly beautiful heart. They know that she’s here to teach them many lessons, and they are open and willing to learn from her. 
Tavia is also very lucky to have a granddaughter, and a daughter in law ( they are not married but you get it). Tatum is a gift to everyone she comes into contact with, and she teaches her grandparents about presence. Tessa is a blessing to our entire family and she’s a strong, hard working, faithful amazing woman. 
Tavia’s life has been exactly as it should be. Every person, situation, and relationship served a positive purpose and a lesson. She was lucky to feel love and to be able to give love. She was amazed by her own family and the love that surrounded her daily. She continued to love fiercely and to build even more amazing friendships as she got older. She never takes her friends for granted and she will remain true to them until the end of time. 
To Tavia the most important thing in her life, are her relationships. They are her reason for giving, for loving, for existing.
Life is good and then it’s bad. 
You can’t have happy, without sad.
You must have dark, if you want light.
Tavia knows that this is the flow of life, and she fully accepts the present moment with an open heart. 
Tomorrow will be my final piece to this story. I’m going to tell you why, and how to change your story! 
May you all be blessed and have a great day

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