How to know if you have tunnel vision

Sometimes in life we want a change so bad, but we’re not able to see, that we are actually the ones who prevent it from happening.   

We become so accustomed to our own auto pilot that we don’t know any other way.  
You might be operating under a system

That’s been in your mind for a really long time. Maybe you didn’t even know that you have the ability to change your own mind.  
Your defense mechanisms are so strong that you can’t get past yourself. I found this very challenging and scary at the same time. It was scary because change has a way of scaring the shit out of you, or it keeps you exactly the same. You become stuck and begin to play it safe.  
Your mind will continue to go around & around until you realize that you can change it. It doesn’t happen over night and it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.
Sometimes the thing you want so very badly is right in front of you, but your so afraid you won’t even look at it. You won’t open up your mind to different possibilities. Your not willing to just listen, and learn. You already have all of the answers. You already know why it won’t work. You already know that you would fail, and all of this before you even know what it’s about.
Want to change your life? 
Learn to change your thoughts!
Don’t be a prisoner to your own fears!
Don’t live your life afraid of what might go wrong! 
If opportunity is knocking at your door and you don’t open it, but someone else does, your going to kick yourself in the ass! Your going to begin the cycle of regret again, and this is how you will live your entire life!

Be better then that

Open your mind &

Believe in yourself for once 

You’ve got this

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