Why you need to learn to love the process

Today I’m going to inspire you to enjoy the process. 
Why you might ask?
Because I feel as though life itself is a process. If we’re doing life right, then we are always changing and growing. Most people are not the same at 30 as they are at 40, and this is all part of the process.
If you stayed the same forever and never grew on the inside, then you would be dying. It’s true you know, if your not growing then your doing the opposite. Humans are just like trees, they are either growing or dying. There’s no in between.
You’ve seen people who are stuck in their own misery. But what you probably don’t know, is that they have actually chosen this life. They have trained themselves to be exactly where they are. This can occur from a lack of love and a lack of learning. It also occur from years of denial, and the refusal to look within.
Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are. Sometimes change is scary, and it means that you might have to deal with some unpleasant, and unhealthy feelings.  
I guess if we get a choice in life then I’m

Going to choose to learn. I’m going to continue to work on myself and share my knowledge with you. I am committed to learning and healing myself. I am committed to learning a better way to communicate and to teach my daughter how to do the same.
Your brain doesn’t just open up and change. No, no, it’s just like any other muscle, it gets strong when you take the time to work on it. Right now maybe your brains really good at avoidance, denial, confusion, and reacting.  
However, it’s only good at it because that’s what you’ve taught it. Do you become defensive when it’s time to talk about feelings? Or maybe you just avoid talking all together. What every your story is, you’ve trained your brain, and the good news is you can change it.
Our brains do what we tell them to do, they often times just need rewired. They need used in a different way. But here’s the real thing about the process, you have to actually want to change. You can’t fool yourself or anyone else into changing. There’s no half assing this journey, either your working towards consciousness, or you walking around on auto pilot.
Your actions always speak louder then your words. What actions are you taking daily to grow yourself. How important is personal

Development to your life? How much time to you commit to the process of change?
These are all questions that you need to ask yourself. They are important because if you really want to change, then you will do it. You will be committed to the process and yourself.  

Finding your authentic voice can be scary at times, and wonderful at other times.  
But your so worth itπŸ’œ

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