The real reason people lie online

16 months ago I decided I was going to invest in myself. I was introduced to a business opportunity and some skin care that I fell in love with.  I jumped in with both feet, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.  I’ve been doing hair for almost 13 years, and I needed to spice up my life a little. I needed some new challenges, and some growth in my life.  

This was when I first began to look at the internet differently.  Now, it was becoming a platform for me to share my products.  Now, I was going to expand my comfort zone in a whole new way.  I was afraid because I don’t sell things, not even hair products, unless you ask for them.  But along with feeling afraid, I felt a spark of excitement. I also felt a little bit like a little kid, who was about to ride their first roller coaster. It was thrilling, and nerve wrecking at the same time. 

 I decided to feed the excitement and ignore the fear. I thought, “you wanted something more in your life, and now it’s here.” I also thought a million other things, but that’s another story all together.  I joined in February 2016 and I made my initial investment and, a profit back, all within 2 months of joining.  Now here’s where my story probably differs from some.  When I started seeing money deposited into my account, I was in disbelief.  I clearly rember showing my husband, and thinking that this was a bonus.  I wanted free products of course, but at this point, I still didn’t believe that this could ever really pay our bills.

As I continued to have success with Nerium, I also began to grow in different ways. I started writing a blog, and I started to grow my social media. This included, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and now I’m finally working on a You Tube channel.  This all led me to seek advice from others. I needed to learn about  social media on a different level. I can help you with your hair, and your skin, and even your heart, but I don’t know shit about growing a business online.   I searched around until I found someone, and then I asked for help.

Some might call this a waste of time and money.  And if I’m being perfectly honest, I felt a little duped at first. However after months of consideration, I realized that this was not a failure, this was me learning about the Internet.  How would I ever know what I want to be like, if I didn’t take the time to  learn who I don’t want to be like.  So here’s what I found out.

Lots of people think they can get rich fast on the Internet, and I’m here to tell you that, that’s a complete lie. You can make money on the intenet if your willing to work hard, and put in some effort.  All of my social  medias have  produced some amazing friendships.  But here’s the bottom line, there people who want you to buy their stuff. And then, there are people who are targeting you.  They like your pictures because they want to recruit you. They say things like “Have you exhausted all of your friends and family? Learn how I signed up 100 people in a month!” Or they might say “Ask me how I make $10,000 a month from my laptop!”  These are just a couple of examples but I wanted you to understand who I am talking about. 

Then on the other hand, we have another grouof people who want to follow their dreams. They want to create their own empire, and they have taken the proper steps to become a network marketer.  They are posting their pictures, and they are working on building their business the honest way.  They are following the steps and they are creating the futures that they desire. 

 To those of you in this second category, you are amazing. You are exactly where you should be, and you are on the path to success.  You guys are actually the reason I’m writing this.  I wanted to help you save sometime.  I bought into an affiliate marketing program, and they had some cool things to offer. But the person who signed me up lied to me. They told me everything and anything to get me signed up. Now, I consider myself pretty street smart, and people smart. I almost always feel a persons energy, even before they open their mouth. But this person had me fooled. I spoke on the phone with them, I faced timed them, and I all together believed they were going to do what they said they would do.  

I was upfront and honest, why wouldn’t they be? I specifically said, “I’m only interested in growing my nerium business”, and they said “That’s what I’m for!”

I don’t write this because I’m the victim, I write this because I’m the student, and I’m also the teacher.  I write this because I’m authentic, and real, and I’m going to disrupt the dishonesty on the intenet. I’m going to speak my truth even if my voice trembles, and in doing so I will my energy will be returned to me. 

People on the internet have several accounts, and they even buy followers.  Don’t believe the numbers you see or the stories they tell.  If you get 3 likes on your pictures, and a generic comment like “great content”, then it’s probably a robot.  I know it all sounds crazy but it’s the truth. 

There are also some really amazing people on the internet, you just have to find them.

Just like in real life, you get back what you put out!

I choose kindness, honesty, and authenticity!

I choose to be the change!

Please share this if you know of anyone who could benefit from it!

Do your thing, but do it with integrity ⭐

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