How often can you hear your authentic voice? (P.S. not the voice of your ego!)

Today I’m going to inspire you to rewire your brain. I’m going to teach you about the the power of now. There was time when I couldn’t even fathom that I was in control of my feelings. I didn’t know that I could change my brain, and teach it new tricks. 
I seriously believed I was going to spend my entire life on auto pilot. But at the same time, I had this little voice in my heart that wouldn’t shut up. It wouldn’t go away, it was always beckoning me to listen. 
You see, the problem was that I had trained myself to quiet my authentic voice. That was the one that I kept hearing. It was also the one that I could have lost completely, if I hadn’t taken the time to listen.  
When we are children, our authentic voice is loud and clear. But then something happens, and we get hurt along the way, for being ourselves. With no fault of their own, our parents use the tools that they have to teach us. And while some of their lessons are amazing and priceless, not all of their lessons are true. And, not all of their lessons impact us in a positive manner.
Back in the day, people were taught to stuff their feelings away. They were taught to hide them, or to ignore them. They were taught that feelings are bad, and they really didn’t know what to do with them. This blog isn’t about your parents. I did however, feel it was important to realize where your defense mechanisms come from. I think, that you need to know that your normal, just like everyone else. We all carry around a set of false beliefs intended to keep us safe from the storms. 
Even if you had the most perfect parents in the world, you still developed some unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to avoid the pain in your household. No one is free from being a child. We all were children, and we all had pain. Now, we need to realize how often we respond to life from that hurt child’s point of view. We need to learn about our triggers, and where they come from.
We need to accept that we have some emotional healing to work on. There are essentially, a few different parts to our bodies, which are all connected to our hearts, and our souls as well. In order to understand what I’m saying, I want to ask you how you communicate during a conflict with your partner, or your children? I am not interested in your communication with your best friend! No, No! I can assure you that your best friend doesn’t get talked to like your partner does. I want to know what you feel when your spouse says they are unhappy about something.  

Are you immediately in defense mode? Do you feel as though there’s a storm a brewing in your belly, or maybe your heart? Do you feel a strong emotional weakness coming through? Are you triggered by whatever they are saying, or doing? 

If you answer no, then you’ve already been working on yourself. You’ve already begun to explore consciousness, and may be already awakened. 
But most of us have never even heard of mindfulness. We don’t know that we can change our mindset, and in doing so create an entire new life. We are still operating from our 12 year olds defense mechanism. We are still doing exactly what we did as children to keep ourselves safe.  
Here’s the part where I lose some of you. This is when you start squirming in your seat, and your feelings are making you super uncomfortable. Your saying to yourself there’s no way that I act like a 12 year old. But if you would take a second to observe your own behavior, the next time there’s an emotional conflict, you will see exactly how your acting.
Just stop before you speak, check in with yourself. Try to respond, rather then react. Ask yourself if what your about to say is out of fear, or out of love? Ask yourself if what your about to say is true? I mean really true, not in your ego true. Ask yourself if it’s going to make things better, or worse?
Those are all questions that come from your heart, and your authentic voice. Those questions don’t come from a fearful child, they come from a strong, healthy adult. These are the thoughts of a conscious person.  
You are not the victim, and you are not the judge. You can be grounded, and secure in yourself . You know that you have choices, and that you are not a child anymore. You are choosing to heal that part of yourself, and you are fucking awesome. You are stepping into the light, and I promise you once you get past being afraid your going to become amazing.  
I’m not here to convince those of you who think I’m crazy. 
I am here to help the people who want to help themselves. 
There’s a new spiritual awakening and you can be apart of it.
You can choose to learn how to heal your broken.
You don’t need anyone’s permission to work on yourself.
You do need some courage, and some knowledge ⭐
That’s where I fit it💕 I choose to be the light and to share my growth with you!
Where do you want to operate out from?

Your authentic voice? Or your hurt child?

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