I am the change I want to see! Are you?

What’s the one thing you have control over in this world!? 
Yourself that is correct πŸ‘Œ
So why do we waste so much of our energy on other people and things we can’t control?
It simply because that’s all you know. You haven’t learned another way YET!
But then one day, comes along this girl named Tay Tay, and she’s been in the midst of an awakening. And she decides if she can learn how to change her thought and her life, then anyone can learn. So she this crazy idea, that she should start a blog and try to grow online so she can help people. 
Her entire life she’s always been one of a kind. Loud, happy, positive, fun, trustworthy, loyal, lovable, faithful and a little dose of crazy. Too much for some people but, those aren’t her people. Her people love her and everything she stands for. She is free when she can be herself, and she surrounds herself with those who have the same qualities that she does.
She knows that she has the ability to make a difference, and She’s crazy enough to think that she can change the world. She has a passion in her heart for learning and for teaching. She’s an empath, and she’s a healer, and she’s learning how to listen to her authentic voice again. 
It just so happens she’s doing it in front of the entire world. Sometimes she’s afraid still, but she’s also excited and amazed by the people she’s met, and the stories they’ve shared with her! She has no clue where any of this is actually going, but she’s having an awesome journey into the unknown. 
She started to heal her own shit, and became very vulnerable to herself and to those she loves. She realized that she was never meant to fit in. She was only made to be herself, and her authentic self, not her broken self or her egoic self.  
I am Tay Tay and I am here in front of you baring it all. I choose to be the change I wish to see in the world. Every day I make a conscious choice to put out positive energy and to practice gratitude. 
Everyday I work on myself and my relationships and I do the work to make myself better. I am not a victim of anything, I am the creator of my own life. I was not born to fit in, and now I know why. Now I have a purpose that’s greater then myself. I have a reason and I have a dream. 

If you truly want to heal your life then you will do it.
When your ready for real change, you will make it happen.
When you realize that you’ve been unconscious this whole time, and you actually have a choice in the matter, you will wake up!
(Disclaimer some people may go their entire lives and never practice mindfulness or consciousness and this is ok we do not judge them)
I truly hope you have the ability to get past yourself and get on with living the life you were destined to live! 
Please share this article if you know anyone who can learn from itπŸ’œ

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