How do you fill your cup? Heres how I fill mine💜

Today I would like to inspire you to fill your cup. Sometimes we get so busy we life that we forget to live a little. 
Yesterday we had my 3 year old niece over to spend the night, while her parents went away for their anniversary weekend. You see her parents took time to fill their cup, and we decided to fill ours. You might be thinking to yourself how does having a 3 year old spend the night fill your cup?

Well let me share with you first of all, that relationships are my reason for living. I love having meaningful friendships, and I love my family as well. So you see it’s only natural that having my little Nora over would fill my cup.
We laughed so much at the stuff that she says. She’s witty and smart and full of imagination. She’s standing here right now trying to zip up my jacket for me because she’s big enough💜

Take time to spend time with people who fill your cup. Take time to enjoy your every day gifts, that come in the gift of family. I am thankful for all that I have, and I am open and ready to accept more love and light into my life. 
May you be blessed on this Sunday with the things that you love and may I inspire you to fill your cup!

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