Does you 12 year old child come out when’s it time to deal with emotions?

I am awakened! I consciously seek presence. I choose to come from a place of light and love. I also choose to be transparent and to bring you all along for my journey. 
And why you might ask? Simply put, it’s my destiny to share my stories with you. I am exactly where I should be. Every single experience has brought me to this very moment! I am the teacher and the student. I am the light that shines within. I will help you find your authentic voice, and I will teach you how to honor it. 
The healing that has occurred inside me has been real, and transforming. But, it’s also been ugly and 😖 painful. Some people step into consciousness like it’s a walk in the park. It’s like they just cross over, and go full speed ahead towards a better now. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite like that for me. I had a lot of shit inside that I needed to deal with, and it’s taken a really long time to sort though it all.  

Imagine years and years of denial, and anger. I had done the same thing my whole life. Now couple that with a bit of abandonment and trust issues and you’ve a got the perfect storm. 
Our minds want to keep us safe. They avoid pain at all costs. We find a way to protect ourselves from being hurt and that’s ok! We carry these with tools with us into our adult lives, not knowing any other way. Until today, when you read this. Until you look inside and see that I’m right, that you are operating from a place of fear and dysfunction. Just as I had been my entire life.
When an awakening occurs, you realize that your inner child is still in charge of your emotions. Then, you realize that your reacting rather then responding, to situations that make you uncomfortable. Your allowing the feelings from the past, to dictate the way you communicate with the people you love now. You realize how much control the past has on you, and realize it’s time to heal that shit. 
I personally started by listening to all of the different voices in my head. Please note that I don’t believe the voices. I know with all of my heart that I am not my thoughts, and neither are you dear friend. That’s all part of the journey! The journey inside yourself! 
Learn about the power of now
Learn about your authentic voice 
But most of all 
Learn to heal yourself and let go
You can be free if you choose to learn presence

If you want help contact me #confidencecoach

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